Special Needs Centers in Qatar

More information is needed on which of the following "special needs centers" are non-governmental organizations and which are schools or other types of organizations or agencies. We also need information on which centers include a focus on the needs of deaf people and other information on the intended purpose, mission, and target audience for each center. Please contact International Relations atWorld.Deaf.Info@gallaudet.eduif you are able to assist.

Al-Noor Institute for the Blind
P.O.Box: 6618 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 481398
Fax: 4815163

Bara Children Care
P.O.Box: 22297 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4441514
Fax: 4441513

Doha International Center for Special Needs
P.O.Box: 8389 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4692920
Fax: 4692943

Hamad Medical Institute
P.O.Box: 3050 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4397000
Fax: 4431290

The Learning Center
P.O.Box: 6639 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4927888

Fax: 4812409

Shafallah Center for Children with Special Needs
P.O.Box: 4251 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4793800
Fax: 4790969

Qatar Institute for Speech and Hearing
P.O.Box: 11122 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4660466
Fax: 4654036

Qatar Rehab Center for Individual with Special Needs
P.O.Box: 23666 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4663232
Fax: 4663873

Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind
P.O.Box: 36225 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4877522
Fax: 4877566

Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Deaf
P.O.Box: 45649 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4697700
Fax: 4697711

Qatari Union for the Special Needs Sports
P.O.Box: 21515 Doha, Qatar
Phone: 4686334
Fax: 4696519


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