Deaf Organizations in Slovakia
Deaf Schools in Slovakia
Deaf Theatres in Slovakia
Deaf Religious Organizations in Slovakia


Deaf Organizations in Slovakia

EFFETA - Centre St. Francis de Sales
Sam 4
949 01 Nitra

Tel: +421 905 731 995
fax: +421 37 65 28 823
Description: Seeks to give deaf people the opportunities and support they need to be integrated into a healthy society.

EFFETA - Private children's integration center
Sam 4
949 01 Nitra

Tel: +421 905 161 326

EFFETA - Sheltered workshop and book printer
The Backyard 32
949 01 Nitra

Tel: +421 908 751 711
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Asociácia nepočujúcich Slovenska
Slovak Association of the Deaf
Korytnicka 10/A
821 07 Bratislava

Tel/Fax: + 421 2 455 214 26
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 Deaf Schools in Slovakia

ZŠI pre SP Viliama Gaňu v Kremnici
[Primary School for Students with Hearing Impairment]

ČSA 183/1, 967 32 Kremnica, Slovakia
Tel: 045/ 6742 420
Fax: 045/6744 718

Deaf Theatres in Slovakia

Divadlo Tiché iskry
Silent Sparks Theatre

Divadlo Tiché iskry, o.z.
Horná trieborná 25
974 00 Banská Bystrica

SMS/Text: +421 904 457 496
Description: The Silent Sparks Theatre is a touring theatre company founded by hard of hearing graduates of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (JAMU).
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Deaf Religious Organizations in Slovakia

Kresťanské centrum nepočujúcich na Slovensku
Christian Center for the Deaf

Kapitulská 21,
974 01 Banská Bystrica

Tel/Fax: 048/ 47 20 262
Mobile: 0905/ 403697
SMS: 0911/222 351


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