Deaf Organizations in Freestate, South Africa
Deaf Schools in Freestate, South Africa


Deaf Organizations in Freestate, South Africa

Deaf Club Qwa-Qwa
c/o Thiboloha School
Private Bag X 829,Witsieshoek,

Fax: 058 713 1800
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Club Welkom
P O Box 547, Welkom, 9460
Fax: 057 352 4756
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Club Botshabelo/Thabo Nchu
PO Box 20027, Willows, 9320
Fax: 051 534 4156
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Club Bethlehem
PO Box 2188, Bethlehem, 9700
Fax: 058 303 0826
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Club Bloemfontein
PO Box 20027, Willows, 9320
Fax: 051 444 3443
[info confirmed w/third party]

DEAFSA Freestate
Ms E Matabane (contact person)
c/o University of the Freestate
Dep. Of Afroasiatic Studies,
Sign Language & Language Practice
Theology Room101
PO Box 339 (IB 37), Bloemfontein,9300

Phone: 051 401 2615
Fax: 051 401 3511
[info confirmed w/third party]

Free State Deaf Association
Free State Province, in central South Africa.
PO Box 423, Bloemfontein, 9300
Setshabelo Center, Old Ramkraal Prison, Blemfontein
SMS/Text Msg: 084 704 89 18
SMS/Text Msg: +27 0 82 506 6172
(reaches Wiseman Baliso)
Fax: +27 0 51 432 0090 (Email address is temporary)
Description:Is interested in having exchange programs with Deaf associations around the world and is interested in hearing from all deaf organizations globally. Involved with HIV/AIDS training, youth development, sign language development, and other programs.
[Info confirmed with organization]


Deaf Schools in Freestate, South Africa

Bartimea School for the Deaf and Blind
Mr P Cook, Principal
Selosesha, Thaba Nchu, 9785
Private Bag X723, Selosesha, 9785
South Africa
Phone: 051 873 2205
Fax: 051 874 1726

[info confirmed w/third party]

St. Vincenzo School for the Deaf
Mr DJ Scarcella, Principal
Off Alma Rd, On The Farm,
Mealie Bult, 49 Distrik Welkom
PO Box 57157, Pansig, 9465
South Africa

Phone/Fax: 057 357 1476
[info confirmed w/third party]

Thiboloha School for the Deaf and Blind and Learners with Severe Intellectual Barriers to Learning
Mrs. MA Steyn, Principal
Mampoi Road, River Side,
Phuthaditshaba, 9866
Private Bag 829,Witsieshoek, 9870

Phone: 058 713 0048/2821
Fax: 058 713 1800
Description:Established in 1974 by the NG Church of Africa, Reverend Basson.
[info confirmed w/third party]



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