Deaf Organizations in Mpumalanga, South Africa
Deaf Schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa


Deaf Organizations in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Bethal Deaf Association
Mr R Mthiyane (contact person)
171, 6th Street, Mzinoni,
Bethal, 2310
South Africa

Phone: 017 647 3629
SMS/Text Msg: 083 527 1768
(reaches Mr. R. Mthiyane)
[info confirmed w/third party]

DEAFSA: Mpumalanga
Mr G Mpiyonke, Provincial Director
29A Botha Ave, Witbank, 1034
P O Box 1965, Witbank, 1035
Phone/TTY : 013 656 1996/8
Fax: 013 656 1999
[info confirmed w/third party]

Embalenhle Deaf Association (EDA)
Mandla Nzima, Chairperson
PO Box 2201, Embalenhle, 2285

SMS/Text Msg: 073 606 9630 (reaches Mandla Nzima, Chairperson)
[info confirmed w/third party]

Mbombela Deaf Club
Meshack Mndawe (contact person)
PO Box 2327, Kanyamazane, 1214

SMS/Text Msg: 072 750 1227 (reaches Meshack Mndawe)
Fax: 013 766 2484
Description:Was formerly the Lowveld Deaf Club.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Midbank Deaf Association (MDA)
Juilius Maxajwe (contact person)
PO Box 1507, Witbank, 1035

Phone: 013 656 1996/695 3633
SMS/Text Msg: 072 302 4466
(reaches Juilius Maxajwe)
Fax: 013 656 1999
[info confirmed w/third party]

Standerton Deaf Association
A Magagula, Chairperson
3042 Los Section, Sakhile Location,
Standerton, 2430

Phone: 017 714 7658
SMS/Text Msg: 082 709 4478

Thembelihle Self-Help Centre
Mr S Ndlovu (contact person)
PO Box 46051, Ext 5, Witbank,1035

Phone: 013 698 1508
[info confirmed w/third party]


Deaf Schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Ka Magugu Inclusive School
Mr. Erasmus, Principal
PO Box 25095, Nelspruit, 1200
Phone: 013 748 0016
Fax: 013 748 0017
Description:Educates learners who use sign language, English, Afrikaans, and Siswati. School established in 1996.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Osizweni Special School
Mr K Reddy, Principal
PO Box 357, Leslie, 2265
South Africa

Phone: 017 683 0471
Fax: 017 683 0121

Description:Educates students with intellectual disabilities. Serves students from Zulu and Sotho backgrounds. Established by concerned parents. [Not clear from information received whether this school also includes Deaf students. Please contact us at you are able to assist with more information.]
[info confirmed w/third party]

Silindokuhle School for Specialised Education
Ms G Shabangu (contact person)
PO Box 1397, Kwalugedlane, 1341

Phone: 013 780 3151,
072 323 0967
(reaches Ms G Shabangu)
Fax: 013 782 4154,
013 780 3020

[info confirmed w/third party]


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