Deaf Organizations in Northern Cape, South Africa
Deaf Schools in Northern Cape, South Africa



Deaf Organizations in Northern Cape, South Africa

DEAFSA Northern Cape De Aar - Regional Office
Ms. N. Jika, Social Auxiliary Worker
Mr. A. Moshweu, SASL Interpreter
c/o ACVV
10 Schreiner Steet, cnr Van Zyl Street,
De Aar, 7000
PO Box 58, De Aar, 7000
Phone: 053 631 1086
Fax: 053 631 2423

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DEAFSA Northern Cape Upington - Regional Office
T. Mabeleng, Social Auxiliary Worker
Ms. Ansie de Kock, Supervisor
c/o Dutch Reformed Church, 61 Schroder Street, Upington, 8801

Phone: 054 331 2525
Phone/Fax: 054 332 2605
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Mokopane Deaf Club
Ms S Mokagane (contact person)
Phone: 015 483 2405
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Deaf Schools in Northern Cape, South Africa

Retlameleng School for Disabled Children
Mrs Philander, Principal
17 Reserve Road, West End,
Kimberley, 8301
P O Box 2646, Kimberley, 8301

Phone: 053 871 3289
Fax: 053 871 3286
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