Deaf Organizations in Western Cape, South Africa
Deaf Religious Organizations in Western Cape, South Africa
Deaf Schools in Western Cape, South Africa

Deaf Organizations in Western Cape, South Africa

Breederivier Dowe Veren-Iging
Ms S Verwey (contact person)
Mr M van Heerden, Head
70 Eike Ave , Worcester,6850
Private Bag X3101, Worcester, 6849

Fax: 023 342 7932
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Deaf Community Cape Town (DCCT)
Ms Faith Conwright (contact person)
Thicket & Hemlock Roads,
Newlands, 7700
PO Box 44233, Claremont, 7735

Phone/Fax: 021 671 6385
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DEAFSA: Western Cape
The Bastion of the Deaf

Miss R. Lensen, Social Worker
Mrs. L. Viljoen (contact person)
cnr Thicket & Hemlock Roads, Newlands,
PO Box 226, Newlands, 7725

Phone: 021 683 4665/6/2254/7789
TTY: 021 683 0664
Fax: 021 671 2644
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Deaf Sizenzele Association
Pas. I Jeptha (contact person)
Lansdowne Rd Ext, Khayelitsha.
PO Box 44258, Clarement,7735

Phone: (021) 683 7691
Fax: (021) 3611849
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Lewensruimte Vir Dowes
Luzet de Villiers, Personal Assistant
Kobus van den Bergh, Head
De La Bat Rd, Worcester, 6850
Private Bag X3101, Worcester, 6849
South Africa

Phone: +27 (0)23 342 0757,
+27 (0)82 218 7339
(reaches Mrs. M. Will)
Fax: +27 (0)23 342 0087
Description:Provides care for deaf adults with multiple disabilities. Residents are accepted regardless of religion. Christian meetings are held regularly, but policies prohibit attempts to proselytise any religion and allow members of other religious groups reasonable access to residents sharing their faith.
Sentrum vir Meervoudige Gestremde Dowe volwassenes.

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Southern Cape Association for the Deaf (SCAD)
(formerly: Outiniqya Ass)

Ms. A. van Tonder (contact person)
P O Box 9540, George, 6530

Phone: 082 687 3749 (reaches Ms. A. van Tonder)
Phone/Fax: 044 873 3967
Fax: 044 874 5391
(reaches Johan Kriel)
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Western Province Deaf Society
Mr T Heyns, Chairperson
PO Box 21109, De Tijger, 7499

Fax: 021 939 3682
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Deaf Religious Organizations in Western Cape, South Africa

Al-Waagah Islamic Institute for the Deaf
Mrs L Shabodien (contact person)
8-3rd Avenue, Belgravia, 7764
P O Box 38364 Gatesville, 7766

Phone: 021 633 5635
Fax: 021 638 3368
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Cape Town SL Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall: 49 Waterford Road,
Diep River
Postal: 3 Amberley, Students Way,
Constantia, 7800

Phone/Fax: 021-7972219,
(reaches Kobus van Wyk)
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Congregation for the Deaf
SW Viljoen (contact person)
Leipoldt Ave, Worcester, 6850
Private Bag X3047, Worcester, 6849

Phone: 023 342 5555 ext 2303
Fax: 023 342 8866

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Deaf Christian Mission Africa
De La Bat Road, Worcester 6849
Phone: 023 342 5555,
083 292 7306
(reaches Dr. Hough)
082 772 0132 (reaches Ds Jan Oberholzer)
Fax: 023 342 8866
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Awake (DCMA)
Pastor: HJ Burger (contact person)
PO Box 1524, Worcester, 6849

Phone: 023 342 5555
Fax: 023 342 8866
[info confirmed w/third party]

De la Bat DR Church for the Deaf
Dr. Rocco Hough, Pastor
Alta v.d Berg, Secretary
Suzelle Serfontein, Social Worker
Herta Louw Street 29
Bellville 7530
South Africa

Phone: 27 21 948 6631
Fax: 27 86 637 5685
27 21 948 5000(reaches Alta Berg)
SMS/Text Msg: 27 83 292 7306
SMS: 27 83 996 5776
(reaches Suzelle Serfontein) (reaches Dr. Rocco Hough) (reaches Suzelle Serfontein)
[info confirmed w/org Oct. 09]

Dutch Reformed Church De La Bat
29 Herta Louw Street, Loumar, Belville, 7530
Church Office: Alta van der Berg,

Phone/Fax: 021 948 5000
Phone: 021 948 6631
(reaches the Rev Dr. Rocco Hough)
Fax. 021 948 6632 (reaches the Rev Dr. Rocco Hough)
SMS/Text Msg: 0832927306 (reaches the Rev Dr. Rocco Hough) (reaches the Rev. Dr. Rocco Hough) (reaches Mrs. Suzelle Serfontein, Social Worker)
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Dutch Reformed Church Worcester- De La Bat
Rev. SW Viljoen, Ms. M. Lintvelt (contact people)
De La Bat Road, Worcester,6850
PO Box 1645, Worcester, 6849

Phone: 084 510 0407
Phone/Fax: 023 342 3039
[info confirmed w/third party]

George Sign Language Group of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall: Cnr Boog/Triangle St, Parkdene, George
Postal Mail Address: P.O.Box 9695 George, 6530

Phone: 083 415 1413 (reaches Dieter Deppisch)
Phone/Fax: 044 874 1229
[info confirmed w/third party]

Gospel Fellowship of the Deaf
Richard Dyabuza (contact person)
c/o Hemlock & Thicket Streets,
PO Box 44258, Claremont, 7735
Phone: 021 683 7691,
083 412 9397
(reaches Agnes Dyabuza) 
Fax: 021 683 7697
[info confirmed w/third party]


Deaf Schools in Western Cape, South Africa

Deaf Children Centre Pre-School And Grade Classes
Pumla (contact person)
C/o Mary Khin School, Low Street Observatory, 7735

Phone/Fax: 021 686 9323
[info confirmed w/third party]

De La Bat School For The Deaf
Mr. E. van Vuuren, Principal
Mrs P Smit, Social Worker
De La Bat Road, Worcester, 6850
PO Box 98 Worcester, 6849

Phone: 023 342 2560
Fax: 023 342 5563
Description:Serves students from all cultures via Afrikaans, English, and sign language. Established in 1881 by the Dutch Reformed Church.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Dominican School For Deaf Children
Mrs R West, Principal
6 Clare Road, Wittebome, 7800
PO Box 19027, Wynberg, 7824
Phone: 021 761 8046-8
Fax: 021 761 8578
Description:Established in 1937 by Cabra Dominican Sisters.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Dominican-Grimley School
Sr. Macrina, Principal
PO Box 2986,Cape Town, 8000

Phone: 021 790 1052
Fax: 021 790 6241  
Description: The Dominican-Grimley School provides academic education from Pre-grade-R to Grade 12 through the medium of spoken English.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Mary Kihn School for Hearing Impaired and Deaf Learners
Mr. L Brown, Principal
Low Street, Observatory, 7925

Phone: 021 447 0310
Fax: 021 448 1351
[info confirmed w/third party]

Noluthando School For The Deaf
Mrs Mavuka, Acting Principal
Landsdowne Rd ext, Khayelitsha, 7784
PO Box 1856, Somerset West, 7129
Phone: 021 361 1160
Fax: 021 361 1161
Description:Serves students in sign language, Xhosa, and English. Established in 1988 by R. Nieder-Hertmann.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Nuwe Hoop Centre For The Hearing Impaired
Mr. BM Davids, Principal
Mrs. Conradie, Social Worker
Leipoldt Ave, Worcester, 6850
Private Bag X3047, Worcester, 6849

Phone: 023 348 2200
Fax: 023 348 2215
[info confirmed w/third party]

Pioneer School Worcester Deafblind Babies-GR 12
Ms. M. Meiring (contact person)
20 Adderley Street, Worcester, 6850
Private Bag X3048, Worcester, 6850
Phone: 023 342 2313
Fax: 023 342 3959
[info confirmed w/third party]


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