Deaf Organizations in Spain

Confederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (CNSE)

 c/Montesa, 38 c/v a Pasaje Marti
28006 Madrid

Voice: +34 91 356 58 32
Fax: +34 91 355 4336

Description:Works to serve the interests of deaf people and their families in Spain. It is comprised of 17 regional federations in Spain. Each federation serves as an umbrella organization for provincial and local level associations of deaf people.
[info confirmed w/website]

Federación de Asociaciones de Implantados Cocleares de España (ACIE)
Federation of Associations of Cochlear Implants in Spain
C / Fernández lasted 24 local (Zona Plaza de Sants)
08014 Barcelona

Phone/Fax:+93 331 74 75
Description: AICE Federation provides various types of information for people regarding cochlear implants.


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