Deaf Organizations in Switzerland

Berufsverband Hörgeschädigtenpädagogik Schweiz (Swiss association)
Description:BHP-Switzerland unites members from different professions at opportunities in the promotion and support of hearing impaired children, adolescents and adults in education and vocation.

Verein Deafzone
Birkenweg 3
4663 Aarburg
Description: Deafzone's goals are to represent the deaf and sign language culture with public work, as well as eliminating prejudices against deaf and hard of hearing people, demand the equalization of deaf people, promote sign language and identity. Furthermore, Deafzone aims to revolutionize with new communicating ways the exchange of information and opinions among different groups.

Forom Ecoute - La Fondation Romande des malentendants
Forom écoute
Avenue des Jordils 5
1006 Lausanne

Phone:+021 614 60 50
Fax:+021 614 60 51
Description: Forom Ecoute actively collaborates with various regional associations of hard of hearing and deafened individuals to tackle various issues such as isolation, education, awareness and social and professional integration of Deaf people.

Pro Audito Shweiz
Feldegggstr. 69
Postfach 1332, 8032 Zürich
Description: Pro Audito Shweiz is committed to representing and advocating for the rights and interests of the hearing impaired population

Schweizerischer Gehörlosenbund, Fédération Suisse des Sourds (SGB-FSS)

Av. Provence 16
1007 Lausanne
TTY:+41 21 625 65 56
Phone:+41 21 625 65 55
Fax:+41 21 625 65 57
Description:SGB-FSS is an umbrella organization for deaf associations in Switzerland.


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