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Deaf Organizations in Taiwan

The Chinese Deaf Association, R. O. C.

2/ F., No. 4-4, Jǐn Xi Street
Jhongshan District
Taipei 104, Taiwan

電話 Tel:886-2-2521-9876
傳真 Fax: 886-2-2521-9726
Description: The Chinese Deaf Association, R. O. C., was established on March 26, 1995, organized by a group of enthusiastic deaf people working together to develop a barrier-free environment for the Taiwanese hearing-impaired and to establish an Overseas Study Guidance Center for the Hearing-Impaired. In March of 1996, we also established the Employment Library Center for the Taiwanese Hearing-Impaired and the Employment Guidance Center for the Hearing-Impaired to further guarantee the rights and welfare of deaf people.
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Chinese National Association of the Deaf, Taiwan, R.O.C. (CNAD)

B1, No. 3, Lane 15
Section 3, ZhòngQìng South Rd,
Jhongjheng District
Taipei, Taiwan

電話 Tel:886-02-2392-4869
傳真 Fax:886-02-2392-4812
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National Association of the Deaf, Taiwan, R.O.C

B1, No. 12-1, Lane 107,
Section 2, HéPíng East Rd
Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan

電話 Tel:886-02-2325-7990
傳真 Fax:886-02-2325-7991
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Deaf Schools in Taiwan

Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired

No.320, Sec.3, Chungching North Rd
Datung District,Taipei
Taiwan 103, R.O.C

傳真Fax: 886-02-2596-0333

National Taichung Special Education School for the Hearing Impaired

1, An-Ho Road., Taichung, Taiwan 407

電話 Tel:886-04-2358-9577
傳真 Fax:886-04-2358-3751
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National Tainan School for the Hearing Impaired

台南校區: 700台南市中西區北門路一段109號
Tainan School: No. 109, Section 1, BěiMén Rd, West Central District
Tainan City, Taiwan 700

電話 Tel: 886-06-222-2936
傳真 Fax: 886-06-225-0498
新化校區: 712台南縣新化鎮信義路52號
Sinhua School: No. 52, XìnYì St, Sinhua Township
Tainan County, Taiwan 712

電話 Tel:886-06-590-0504
傳真 Fax:886-06-590-0900


Deaf Sports Organizations in Taiwan

Chinese Taipei Sports Association of the Deaf

Room 214, 2F., No.55, Datong District Office Building
Chang Ji Street, Datong District
Taipei, Taiwan

傳真Fax: 886-02-2597-4353
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Disability Organizations in Taiwan

Eden Social Welfare Foundation

3/F., No. 55, Section 1, Wan Mei Street
Wunshan District
Taipei, Taiwan.

電話 Tel: 886-02-2230-7715
傳真 Fax:886-02-2230-6422
[info confirmed w/ website]



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