There are two types of special support offered to international visitors via the Office of International Affairs (IA), include:

IA's International Strategic Visitors Program (ISVP):

  • If you are a prospective student or family member: Please see the schedule of tours on the Visitors Center Website. You are free to join the scheduled tours without an appointment. However, the tours are given in American Sign Language (ASL) only. If you need an interpreter or other support to discuss studying at Gallaudet, please fill out the International Strategic Visitors Support Request Form. The Admissions Office will receive your request and contact you.
  • International visitors who have a more in-depth interest in the University: Individuals or groups who want to engage in or share their expertise in training, education, and/or research, for example, that will improve the lives of deaf people may be able to arrange for services that support these initiatives during their visit to campus -- providing that adequate advance notice is given (see below). These services are arranged by experts in a particular discipline. They include:
    • Meetings with faculty, students, department chairs, program directors, or administrators in a wide variety of fields
    • Classroom observation

In order to facilitate communication during visits, IA can assist with scheduling ASL interpreters through the Gallaudet Interpreting Service, and interpreters from outside agencies to interpret from the visitors' native language to English. International visitors are solely responsible for the payment of interpreter costs; this is non-negotiable. To allow sufficient time to make arrangements for services of this nature, requests must be made at least FOUR WEEKS before a visit by completing the International Strategic Visitors Support Request Form.

If you have not acknowledged the receipt of International Strategic Visitors Program (ISVP) request form, please inform us immediately at

Please be advised that due to the many requests of this nature that Gallaudet receives each year, and limited resources, IA is only able to grant requests for services that are determined to meet with the following strategic goals:

  1. Expand International Enrollment
    • The visitor is a government or corporate representative or donor interested in opportunities for potential students who may have qualifications to study at Gallaudet.
  2. Current or Potential International Relations/Partnerships
    • The visit is likely to lead to a partnership with the visitor's institution or government or a potential donor.
    • The visitor has existing relationship with Gallaudet University through a cooperative agreement or reciprocal connection.
  3. Enhance Academic and Intercultural Exchange
    • The visitor is coming for a program of study or research effort that is in line with Gallaudet's existing programs. For more extended periods, these individuals will become special students (see International Student and Scholar Services program) or visiting researchers (see International Visiting Researchers program).
    • The visitor will bring substantial two-way benefits to the campus that enrich campus scholarship and internationalization.
    • A past or existing scholarly collaboration between the visitor and a campus unit can be rekindled or enhanced.