International Business Registration and Immigration Hold

All international students will continue to be required to physically attend international business registration prior to registering for classes. This is a separate registration process for international students only. Before business registration is complete, all international students will be blocked from registering for classes. During business registration, International Student Services (ISS) will review each student's immigration documents, confirm to SEVIS that the student has arrived on campus, and then release the restriction on the student's registration.

Course Audit Policies

International students are not permitted to audit courses UNLESS it in addition to an already established full-time course load. For example: If an undergraduate student currently has 8 credit hours and wishes to audit a course worth 4 credits, they are not permitted to do that. However, if they already have an established 12 credit hours and would like to audit an additional course, they may do so.

Full-Time Student Status Regulations

Effective January 1st 2003, international students may not drop below a full course of study without prior authorization from ISS. Full-time status means 18 credits per semester for ELI Program students, 12 credits for undergraduates, and 9 credits for graduate students.

If you are thinking about dropping a class or reducing your credits, please review the " Reduced Course Load" page first.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Only the International Student Advisor has the authority to authorize a reduced credit load for international students! Academic Advisors DO NOT have this authority.

Program Extension Policy

Any international student who is unable to complete a full course of study in a timely manner can apply for a program extension. This process can only be done through ISS and the student MUST apply 45 days before the completion date on their Form I-20 or DS-2019. If you are aware of a need to apply for a program extension, we ask that you come to International Student Services immediately.

Course Grades Policy

As long as an international student is registered, attending all classes, and meeting Gallaudet University's academic standards, the student is considered maintaining status and making acceptable progress. A student who is placed on academic suspension is considered no longer enrolled in full-time study or pursuing an educational objective, and therefore not maintaining status.

A student who has been placed on academic warning or suspension and who is not able to complete his or her program by the expected completion date may not be eligible for an extension of stay unless there is a compelling academic or medical reason to support an extension request.

Attendance Policy

In order to maintain legal status, an international student is responsible for attending the classes in which the student is officially enrolled. All international students must comply with the University's class attendance policy.  

A student who stops attending classes for two weeks or more without compelling reasons must be reported immediately to the Office of International Affairs (IA). U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has imposed a duty on the University to report any international student in breach of the attendance policy, which includes the prolonged absence from classes mentioned above. IA will first contact the student to ascertain the circumstances. It is the student's responsibility to check his or her official university email.