The U.S. Department of State has authorized Gallaudet University to operate The International Special Student Program (ISSP), a non-degree study program designed for people from outside the United States who are interested in studying at Gallaudet for up to one year. The ISSP is individually designed to meet the needs of each person by allowing them to take courses for credit or non-credit (audit) at the undergraduate level. There are also great opportunities for self-directed research. And while ISSP is a non-degree program, college credits are earned that may be applied toward a future degree at Gallaudet or elsewhere.

Many students from around the world with a professional interest in the education of deaf and hard of hearing people, their language, and their history and culture find the ISSP ideal for their learning needs.

As an ISSP student at Gallaudet University, you have the unique opportunity to achieve your personal and professional goals in a barrier ­free environment. Our liberal arts curriculum allows you to develop your individual skills while preparing you to be a vital part of an increasingly globalized world.  We hope you will soon join our proud and strong community of excellence.

Each student will be assigned a mentor who is an expert in the particular area the student wishes to learn about. International Affairs welcomes your application to the ISSP program. We encourage you to take the time necessary to make sure that the documents in the link are a complete and fair representation of your goals and interests. Our staff is available to assist you throughout the application process. We hope you will soon join our proud and strong community of excellence.

Note: ISSP applications must be received by the following deadline to be eligible for participation: April 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.

ISSP Application and How to Apply

For more information about the International Special Student Program, and for help in deciding if the program is right for you, please contact:

Lawrence Musa, Coordinator of Immigration Compliance and International Procedures,  International Affairs
(202)651-5150 (Voice)
(202) 651-5746 (Fax)
(202) 268-6835 (Video phone) -- Mr. Torres; (202) 250-2366 (Video phone) -- Mr. Musa