OSPRS Mission Statement

Video of Audrey Wineglass Foster, Assistant Dean of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services, communicating the OSPRS Mission Statement: "Advancing the Gallaudet University community by providing services and support to faculty and professional staff seeking external funding for scholarly research and training."

A central component of Gallaudet University's mission is the enhancement of faculty and staff opportunities for creative and scholarly research and training. This web site is intended to acquaint the University community with the support services available through the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services. We encourage faculty and professional staff to utilize our web site to pursue their research interests, identify funding sources, and learn more about the proposal submission process. Grants are integral to establishing "Gallaudet as the epicenter of research development and outreach leading to advancements in knowledge and practice for deaf & hard of hearing people and all humanity."

Audrey L. Wineglass Foster
Assistant Dean,
202-651-5497 (V)
202-250-2503 (VP)

Ashuantay Houston

Senior Grants and Contracts Research Administrator
202-651-5945 (V)
202-250-2948 (VP)

Sreemoti Mukerjee Roy
Research Compliance Specialist
202-651-5401 (V)
202-759-1733 (VP)

Susan Larrison
Coordinator, Research Services and Special Projects
202-470-1193 (VP)

Kendall Hall, Suite 201 
Gallaudet University 
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