Many sponsors provide forms or formats for material to be included in a proposal. The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services is experienced with these forms and in filling them out within the various electronic research administration systems provided by federal agencies.

Gallaudet has internal forms which move your proposal through the process to submission and beyond. Gallaudet forms are circulated either via EchoSign or as original documents and assist the university to comply with federal compliance regulations. Please click on the linked form name to go directly to the document.

If you need assistance on how to use AdobeSign (formerly EchoSign), please click here.

Internal Forms (Pre-Award)

The following forms have been developed for use in the proposal/award process at Gallaudet University.

This form gives notice to Gallaudet University that you intend to submit a grant proposal to a federal agency or federal-like funding source and should spark discussion with your department head and dean regarding department or school resources available, faculty release time, cost sharing, and/or other support needed for a successful project. It is sent via Adobe Document Cloud (formerly EchoSign) by the PI to be sent to the OSPRS for approval first. Then once OSPRS approves it, AdobeSign will automatically have it sent to your Department Chair and/or school leader, and Dean of Faculty. Note: For individuals with multiple academic roles (e.g. a PI serving also as chair/school leader) please check all academic roles that apply in the signature box on the form. This form should be submitted as far in advance of the proposal due date as possible. Please be aware that the OSPRS cannot begin to work with you on your proposal (including budget) until the completed Intent to Submit form has been received. Verbal or email approval from the Deans will NOT be accepted.

This form is used to gather information about other organizations you will be working with on your project and to determine if they are subrecipients or contractors (see form for differences). The form will be considered valid if the subrecipient's authorized representative has signed the form within the past year. Each Gallaudet PI will be responsible for providing this form to their potential subrecipient(s) as well as a link to this page for the guidance on how to complete this form. Most Offices of Sponsored Programs at other institutions of higher education will be familiar with the purposes and information necessary to complete this form, even if your contact is unfamiliar, as well as the federal guidance on the necessity for its use by Gallaudet. The Gallaudet OSP should receive this form signed by the authorized representative prior to the proposal due date.

This form is used if the PI/PD is requesting employee effort or cost-sharing (resources or services) from a different department. The form ensures that the Department Chair/School Leader/Budget Unit Head of the other department is aware and approves of the participation of his/her faculty or staff member(s) and/or agrees to provide services or resources to the sponsored project. PI/PDs must complete this form before the final routing and approval can be done. The OSPRS will discuss the use of this form when working with you on your budget. Please review the instructions below prior to use of this form.

  • The GU Routing and Approval Form

This form is used to obtain internal approval from Chairs/Budget Unit Heads, School Leaders, Dean of Faculty, the Dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies, and the Authorized Institutional Official (AIO) and is signed electronically via Adobe Document Cloud (formerly EchoSign). The OSPRS will generate and submit first to the PI for their electronic signature, then to the Chair/Budget Unit Head, School Leader, Dean of Faculty (, the Dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies, and finally the AIO.

In order to obtain all necessary signatures prior to the proposal due date, this form must be sent out as soon as possible following the OSPRS due date (5 business days prior to the agency due date). A finalized budget and complete project narrative is required in the OSPRS to generate the R&A form.

It is a policy of the OSPRS that information from a proposal is not distributed without prior approval from the Project Director/Principal Investigator. PIs on subagreements should not share information from their collaborators proposals without the express permission of the author.

Internal Forms (Post Award)

The purpose of the IPAS is to move funds from one main federal budget category to another main federal budget category when allowable. It is not utilized to re-arrange funds among PeopleSoft codes in Gallaudet's accounting system. Also, it is only for budget revisions that are planned for in advance of an expenditure. Gallaudet is not authorized to approve ex post facto budget revisions under the federal government's expanded authorities to institutions of higher education.

The IPAS form is generated via Adobe Document Cloud (formerly EchoSign) by the PI and should be sent to your Chair and/or school leader, your Dean, and the Assistant Dean of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services, Audrey Wineglass Foster (, and copied to the Senior Accountant ( Make sure to choose "OSP IPAS Form FY17" from the template library.

Once the IPAS is signed and filed in Adobe Document Cloud (formerly EchoSign), the Senior Accountant in the Finance Office will receive a final signed copy so the necessary budget adjustments can be made. Please contact the Senior Accountant to ensure they received the signed form.

Internal Forms (Other Departments

For additional post-award procedures and forms, (including cost transfers, subrecipient monitoring, effort reporting, and more) please visit the Finance Office Sponsored Programs Post-Award website.

For information about human subject protections, please visit the Institutional Review Board website.