Whether you are asking for effort from faculty or staff in a different department or are requesting cost-sharing of resources or services from another department or division, this form will allow the Department Chair or Budget Unit Head involved to make an informed decision regarding their approval.  This form must be completed prior to final routing and approval for new proposals or before new personnel can be added to an existing award.

Please follow the instructions below and remember that separate forms are required if more than one additional participant or department is involved.

AdobeSign Notes:

Enter the email addresses of the participant to be approved, their Chair/Budget Unit Head, and OSP director in order of signature.  Remember to cc: osprs@gallaudet.edu when using this form. Make sure the "Recipients sign in" field has "Order Entered" highlighted. Also, make sure you click on "Add Me". (Administration support staff completing on behalf of faculty or research staff should not add themselves).

Project Identification:

Please complete all fields.  Brief Title does not need to be the final proposal title, only a short descriptive title of the project.  Be sure to complete the Type of Project and include the agency award # (not the Gallaudet PeopleSoft account number) for existing awards.

Effort Summary:

If you are requesting effort from a faculty or staff member in a different department, please complete their name, department or division, the total % of effort being committed to the project, and the amount of salary in dollars being covered by the grant and/or cost shared by their department.  (Please discuss with the OSP Budget Specialist if you are not sure how to complete this section).  Multiple employees from the same department should be noted on the same form. 

Employee Scope of Work:

If you have completed the Effort Summary Section, you must complete the scope of work.  Please give a brief description of the requested participation in the project, including the expected timeframe for the work to be completed (e.g. Fall 2017, Summer 2018, one day/week for academic year 2017).

Non-Payroll Cost-Sharing:

Please check yes or no.  If you indicate yes, please describe the services or resources you are requested and the amount of the cost share (e.g. Videographer, studio time and other resources to be provided by Gallaudet Video Services in the amount of $5,000, use of the large hadron collider to be provided by the Physics Department for 2 hours/week for 15 weeks at $500/hour – total cost share in the amount of $15,000).

Certifications and Approvals:

  1. The PI or PD should sign first.
  2. Participant Name(s) - Faculty or Staff member from other departments whose effort is being requested should sign next. (If you are asking for resource or services cost-share only, no one will sign in this section)
  3. Department Chair/Budget Unit Head from other department whose employee(s), services, or resources are being requested should sign next.
  4. Change to Assistant Dean. Office of Sponsored Programs should sign last.

AdobeSign Notes:

  • Remember to cc: osprs@gallaudet.edu when using this form.
  • Make sure the “Recipients sign in” field has “Order Entered” highlighted.
  • Always check the “Preview, position signatures, or add form fields” box located next to the “Send” button. This will allow you to make sure all signatures are in the correct places.

If you need assistance completing this form, please contact us.