Priority Research Grants Program Expression of Interest to Apply Form (Revised February 2016)
Gallaudet Faculty and Staff members who are interested in applying for a grant from the Priority Research Fund should initially send an Expression of Interest to Apply.
In one page describe the research study, including: 

1. Project Title
2. Starting Date of the study and length of the study (1‐3 years)
3. List of the Principal Investigators & investigators, their department and campus addresses
4. Nature of the Study: Briefly describe the study's purpose and the significant of the study.
5. External Reviewers: Suggest several names, email addresses and mailing addresses of experts in the field who are qualified to review your proposal.
6. Logistics:
◦ Will you request course release and for which semester?
◦ Will you request for summer pay?
◦ Estimate the number of hiring student assistants?

Send the Expression of Interest by December 15 to

RSIA Document RS04 Rev. 201708010004