REDCap is a web application that facilitates the collection of data for a variety of research projects. It is produced, distributed, and supported by Vanderbilt University in collaboration with a consortium of over 900 institutional partners in over 70 countries. It is a proven and capable tool that has been used by over 24,000 researchers worldwide to collect data for their projects.

Gallaudet's Office of Research Support and International Affairs (RSIA) provides access to a REDCap server to Gallaudet faculty, staff, and students. Members of the Gallaudet community who make use of common online survey systems such as SurveyMonkey or Google Forms are encouraged to take advantage of REDCap instead.

Some reasons to select REDCap for your next data collection project include:

  • It's free of charge – REDCap is developed and maintained by a multi-institutional consortium led by Vanderbilt University, and is made available at no charge to institutions that are consortium members.
  • It's secure – REDCap provides audit trails for tracking changes to the database, and also complies with HIPAA requirements and other standards for maintaining privacy. All data is securely stored on a server that resides in the Gallaudet data center.
  • It's easy to use – Plenty of online resources are available to help you get your data collection system implemented and deployed quickly. While many existing REDCap videos are, unfortunately, not captioned or signed, RSIA is investigating the possibility of adding captions or creating accessible videos that explain the basics and help you get started more easily and quickly.
  • It's flexible – Since REDCap is open source, the user community has the ability to adapt it to more exactly suit their needs. Many of these changes are shared with the rest of the community so that everyone can benefit. Response data can also be exported from REDCap for use in Excel spreadsheets or in a variety of statistical analysis packages such as SPSS.
  • It has plenty of support – REDCap is a very active project that receives a great deal of support from its user community. The REDCap Google group normally receives between 20 to 60 messages each day.

Gallaudet REDCap Accounts

REDCap accounts are maintained by RSIA. To request an account, send an email to Please note that RSIA can only provide system administration and user account administration services for REDCap. End-user support for project-specific issues must be obtained elsewhere, such as via online resources or contacts between other campus users.

Gallaudet's REDCap installation may be accessed at There are also a number of videos linked on that page that explain more about the application and how to use it.

Moving Projects to Production

REDCap projects start out in Development status, which means that any changes made to the project take effect immediately so that you can quickly build, test and revise your data collection instruments.

When you have finished creating your project and have tested it thoroughly, you may request that it be moved to Production status. RSIA requires that a Request for Production Status form be completed, signed and submitted to RSIA along with a copy of the project's IRB approval letter. RSIA's REDCap administrator will then switch the project to Production status. Note that the process of moving a project to Production status will delete all existing test data in order to prepare the database for new data.

Once a project is moved to Production status, any further changes will need to be approved by RSIA's REDCap administrator. This is done to protect the integrity of already-collected data and prevent any possible data loss.

Further Information

Written documentation on REDCap has been produced by a number of institutions and made available online at the links below:

You will need Adobe Reader to view these PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is free software that can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.