Welcome! If you're a member of the campus community and you want help with solving a problem, the Office of the Ombuds will help you to develop options.

How can the Ombuds help you?

The Ombuds provides you with a confidential, informal, neutral and independent place to:

  • Develop options
  • Obtain referrals
  • Clarify University policies and procedures
  • Identify tools to achieve academic, professional, and personal success

All conversations are off the record.

During your visit with the Ombuds, you will:

  • Focus on the issues, not people or personalities
  • Work collaboratively to address problems
  • Identify and discuss creative solutions and resources
  • Save or repair important relationships during conflict
  • Redirect your attention to your work and studies

While walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged so the Ombuds can reserve enough time for you. To make an appointment, please contact ombuds@gallaudet.edu or call (202) 559-5079 (VP).

The Ombuds Office operates according to the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.