Enhance Academic and Community Vitality: Positioning Gallaudet as a Thought-Leader Related to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-blind People and for All of Humanity.

Rationale: The 6th Street development (which will drive and benefit from the structural and cultural improvements in Priority Four), provides a unique opportunity to be a crucible in accelerating cultural change, advancing research, and teaching vitality, thus improving Gallaudet’s position as a higher education leader in the nation and the world.

Goal: Continue to build, articulate, and implement Gallaudet’s vision for Creativity Way (and the overall 6th Street development) to drive innovation and excellence in Gallaudet’s overall academic vitality and contributions to society.

Objective One: Frame the vision, goals, and desired outcomes of Creativity Way; determine the capacity and resources needed to undertake potential long-term, transformational initiatives.

Objective Two: Strengthen support, structures, and direction for the Creativity Way Knowledge Studios, and university-wide research, scholarship, creative activity and innovation.

Objective Three: Achieve defined program goals for the 6th Street Project Creativity Way consistent with Gallaudet’s master plan and a commitment to increasing campus language vibrancy and density.

Objective Four: Engage in the planning process for a new campus learning commons to be built by end of FY2023.

Objective Five: Increase our impact through service to professionals and families nationwide consistent with the Clerc Center’s federal mission as outlined in the Education of the Deaf Act.


  1. Define outcomes and develop a comprehensive implementation plan that clearly identifies resources required for Creativity Way and the 6th Street development project overall.
  2. Assess current efforts, and identify and resource concrete actions that will strengthen the pre- and post-grant award systems and processes, including training and guidance for prospective grant applicants.
  3. Develop a system to frame and then identify needed resources (human, fiscal, material, and time) for potential long-term transformational initiatives.
  4. Review and update the campus master plan to reflect current guiding principles and the 6th Street development project.
  5. Plan and implement pilot Knowledge Studios as part of Creativity Way development.
  6. Establish a team and develop a plan to build a new learning commons by FY2023 and identify strategies to strengthen the current library facilities and offerings in the interim.
  7. Implement the remaining birth–grade 12 initiatives from the Clerc Center Strategic Plan 2020.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. By the fall of 2018, plans and essential systems are developed or in process for: (1) the 6th Street development project overall; (2) the grant application and awards process; and (3) the framing and selection of key transformational initiatives for Creativity Way.
  2. By the end of FY2020, eight successful transdisciplinary Knowledge Studios for Creativity Way will be established and activated.
  3. By the end of FY2020, the first phase of planning, including financing and fundraising, will be completed for the learning commons that will provide robust learning experiences and opportunities for learners on and off campus.