Building Blocks of Success: Improving Our Infrastructure and Investing in Our People.

Rationale: Gallaudet must improve its structure (systems and decision-making) and culture (personal development and social systems) to release the talent, energy, and commitment required for transformational impact across this nation and the world.

Goal: Develop focused plans to address and invest in our human capital, critical infrastructure needs (especially digital and campus infrastructure), and Gallaudet’s internal and external relationship-building capacity.

Objective One: Support faculty-led redesign process to re-conceptualize the function and roles of the faculty to expand possibilities for supporting the teaching, research, and community engagement aspects of Gallaudet’s mission.

Objective Two: Develop the digital infrastructure to support internal operations, communications, digital learning, and to prepare Gallaudet to be a leader in global, life-long, and digital learning innovations.

Objective Three: Establish the foundation for vertical and horizontal integrated planning and alignment throughout the University.

Objective Four: Create leadership and professional learning opportunities that will enhance and support the development of Gallaudet community members, especially faculty and staff, in a manner that also supports university-wide succession planning and organizational effectiveness.

Objective Five: Establish a university-wide relationships and communication plan and structure to strengthen Gallaudet’s internal and external relationships and increase local and national visibility.


  1. Based on identified priorities; develop, resource, and begin the first phase of a plan to address those aspects of Gallaudet’s structural and cultural systems, including its digital infrastructure and human capital developmental needs, that will have the greatest immediate positive impact on the University community.
  2. Develop a workforce analysis to better understand the human capacity available and needed for leadership, knowledge, skill and personal development of faculty, staff, and student employees.
  3. Develop systems for strategic plan implementation and monitoring at all levels: university, division, unit, and individual.
  4. Use the ACAO/Gates Foundation Digital Fellows campus project to accelerate building Gallaudet’s digital, classroom, and learning infrastructure for life-long learning.
  5. Continue to expand relationship-building with key stakeholders, including Congress, federal officials, congressional leaders, Washington, D.C. leaders, community, corporations and non-profits, universities, and community members and leaders in Gallaudet’s neighborhood (co-listed for Priority Six).
  6. Complete a comprehensive review and develop a plan to prioritize and integrate international learning opportunities, activities and development possibilities within Gallaudet’s curriculum, faculty policies, administrative structure, overseas collaborations, and student opportunities.
  7. Complete a comprehensive review and develop a plan for a technology infrastructure that is robust, relevant, up to date, and scalable enough to achieve the institution's digital learning goals.
  8. Complete Stages Two and Three of the Adapting by Design process for faculty redesign.
  9. Create a University media and marketing strategy and related plan.

Key Performance Indicators:

  1. By the end of FY 2018, we will have an action plan to address the most urgent infrastructure needs.
  2. By the end of FY 2020, there will be plans in place and initial implementation efforts underway to address the physical, digital, and planning infrastructures needed for Gallaudet’s long-term transformation.
  3. By the end of FY 2020, we will have evaluated and prepared reliable documented processes for maintaining an updated web site, Daily Digest, and visitor’s center.