Audit and Management Advisory Services

The Office of Audit and Management Advisory Services serves as a key advisor to the Gallaudet University community on a wide range of financial and operational issues related to the mission and objectives of the University. In this role, the Audit and Management Advisory Services personnel serve as value-driven internal consultants, change agents, business advisors, business process analysts, risk assessors, and quality advocates.

Audit Services

The Office of Audit and Management Advisory Services develops an annual audit plan using a risk assessment process. The plan is approved by both the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees. We also welcome suggestions from any Gallaudet University personnel regarding departments or processes to consider for inclusion in the audit plan. Suggestions may be sent to our office in writing or through e-mail. Any University employees who are aware of any misappropriation or wrongdoing should always notify our office immediately.

Audit and Management Advisory Services recognizes the need to provide assistance to campus departments to solve problems or identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Our office is always available to discuss special project requests with management to meet their specific needs.

All the audit work we perform is based upon the relative risk of an activity or a process, and its potential exposure to the University. This exposure can be in areas such as fraud, loss, errors, inefficiency, non-compliance with the law and/or ineffective operations. Once we identify an area of risk, our audit approach will vary. We use different audit tools for different issues, all of which are focused on reducing risk and improving efficiency and effectiveness of campus operations. Two examples of audit services we provide are:

  • Compliance audits, which include determining compliance with the laws, and verifying that control procedures are performed as expected.  
  • Process audits, which are comprehensive analyses and appraisals of all phases of academic or business activities in order to provide management appropriate recommendations concerning the activities/processes review

Management Advisory Services

In addition to audit services, the office of Audit and Management Advisory Services provides the following management advisory services:

Provided in response to a request from management, and designed to provide expertise in the resolution of internal control issues. It includes answering questions, developing solutions to problems, recommending courses of action and/or formulating an opinion.

Control and Risk Assessment Training
Practical training in risk management process that can be used to ensure cost effective systems are in place that support the achievement of University objectives. It helps campus units to improve their operations through an enhanced understanding of the business value of internal control and business ethics. Training sessions may be conducted by AMAS or by the campus units with AMAS support.

Fraud Awareness Training
Introductory training to increase awareness of "red flags" of fraud, management's responsibilities and cost-effective control systems to reduce the likelihood of fraud. This offering is tailored to reflect areas of risk in each division.

Business Process Improvement
Identify and minimize control deficiencies in processes, and assist departments in making process changes that result in strengthened internal controls and optimal performance.

Self Assessment Tools
Client-based, self assessment tools to assess the effectiveness of critical control processes. AMAS provides ongoing support to assist in the analysis of control issues and development of action plans.