Gallaudet University offers the Online Degree Completion Program (ODCP), an online undergraduate degree attainment avenue for degree completion students who have accumulated 60 hours of college credits, are unable to finish their degree program on campus full-time, and who seek a study program in Deaf Studies or Psychology.

Online Courses

Students can earn college credits through coursework offered in a variety of settings, online courses owned by the University and taught by its faculty, and online courses from the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) of which Gallaudet is a participating institution.

Online Degree Completion Program students seeking online courses will be advised accordingly. Online classes are offered in an 8-week accelerated format throughout the year.

Online Learning Readiness

Good time management skills are essential to succeed in these highly interactive and learner-centered courses. Readings, assignments, and activities are posted online and students are required to log in to submit assignments electronically and participate in course discussions. Students are responsible for obtaining their own internet access and are expected to have basic computer and internet literacy.

At Gallaudet, our learning management system is Blackboard which supports our online courses. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have the right equipment. Check out the minimum computing guidelines to find out what you need. Then to gauge your online learning readiness, complete this brief Online Learning Readiness Inventory. Your responses will help identify strengths and weaknesses for success in the online learning environment.

Online Student Orientation

Once ODCP students are admitted in the program, they are to complete the required online student orientation prior to the first semester of their admission.

Gallaudet University Online Academic Calendar

Students in the ODCP program will abide by the online academic calendar.

Gallaudet Thirty Credits Minimum Requirement

For the online degree completion program, at least 30 credits of the total degree requirement must be or must have been earned from courses owned by GU and taught by its faculty. Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities and transfer credit may not be applied to this 30 GU-credit minimum.

Refer to ODCP General Education Curriculum for more information on the program and the curriculum.