The mission of the Gallaudet University Post Office (GUPO) is to provide the best possible service in the sending, receiving and delivery of mail to the campus community via the United States Postal Service (USPS) and intercampus system.

The GUPO will continue to make daily runs to the USPS to pick up and drop off University mail.  UPS, DHL and FEDEX will continue to pick up and drop off packages daily.  Faculty, Staff and Students will continue to receive university related mail and parcels. 

The GUPO is operating on a reduced schedule during Phase 1.  Staff will be in the GUPO from 9:30am until 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday.   All stamped, metered and interdepartmental mail should be placed in the drop boxes to the right of the counter/window, no need to wait in line.

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to get their mail Monday - Friday between 11am and 3pm. We will not be making deliveries to any offices on campus.  The USPS has not issued any particular concern about contamination of COVID-19 through the mail. However, should that change, we will act as per their requirements.

When a package/parcel arrives at the GUPO, all students will be emailed an automatic notification.

Quarantined students must reply to the notification giving the GUPO permission to deliver their package/parcel to their RA.  

Isolated students must reply to the notification to request delivery of their parcel at a designated area and specific time -- no face to face interaction at delivery time.  

Thank you for your understanding while we are being proactive for everyone's safety.