An individual mailbox is provided to each registered full-time or part-time Gallaudet undergraduate or graduate student. Mailboxes are assigned for the academic year. To receive a box and its combination, students must go to the Post Services and show their current Gallaudet identification card. 

?The GU Post Office does provide boxes with keys for Deaf-Blind students and other students with specific needs. The number of boxes with keys are limited.

Students are responsible for notifying correspondents of their box number and mailing address. All mail and packages should be addressed as followed:

Student's Name
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue N.E. #______ (post office box number ONLY, do not include initials P.O.)
Washington, D.C. 20002-3695

?* Combination Fee: If an individual loses their combination to their box, they can request a replacement with a $5.00 cash only fee. Students with key boxes: If the key is lost or stolen, there is a $25 replacement fee that must be paid for by the student.