Students, Faculty, Teachers and Staff

Earthquakes are rare in this region, but they can occur. Here are some steps to follow during and immediately after an earthquake.

  1. If indoors, seek refugee in a doorway or under a desk or table. Stay away from glass windows, shelves and heavy equipment. Exit the building only after the shaking has stopped.
  2. If outdoors, move quickly away from buildings, utility poles, and other structures. Always avoid power or utility lines.
  3. If in an automobile, stop in the safest place available, preferably in an open area away from power lines and trees. Stop as quickly as safety permits, but stay in the vehicle for the shelter it offers.
  4. After the initial shock, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is necessary, contact DPS at (202) 651-5555 (voice or text), (202) 651-5444 (TTY), or page: Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for aftershocks immediately afterwards.
  5. Assist people, especially those with disabilities, to evacuate the building.
  6. Once outside, move to a clear area away from buildings, utility poles, or other structures.

Crisis Leadership Team Response

  1. After the initial shock, emergency University personnel should first assess the situation in their building and assist with the immediate evacuation. Direct all persons to a clear area away from the building, utility poles, or other structure.
  2. Emergency University personnel should call or page DPS to inform them of the preliminary status of their buildings and report any injuries immediately.