Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Routes

  • The Emergency Preparedness Guide is distributed to faculty, teachers, staff and students. The Guide will be updated periodically on the Gallaudet University web site.
  • Campus-wide email announcements will be sent when updates are published on the web site.
  • All students and employees should be aware of the nearest exit to evacuate from their buildings and be aware of alternate exits if needed.
  • Students' and employees' primary route should be the nearest exit. The secondary route should be the next nearest exit. The Assembly Area should be the area nearest the main entrance of the building or the Primary Evacuation Site, except in instances where shelter in the building is appropriate (tornadoes, severe weather).
  • Employees should wait at the Assembly Area or Primary Evacuation Site until advised of further action by the Department of Public Safety, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), a Crisis Leadership Team member, or a fire fighter.
  • If it is necessary to evacuate the campus completely, procedures will be explained to faculty, teachers, staff, and students at the Assembly Area.