Suicidal behavior can vary from a suicidal gesture to a life-threatening attempt. The incident and response begins with the initial awareness that a person may have caused harm, or is talking about causing harm, to him/herself.

In situations where there is imminent danger requiring an immediate response (i.e. the harm that has been self-inflicted would be regarded as serious by a reasonable person):

  1. Contact DPS (202) 651-55555 (voice or text), (202) 651-55444 (TTY), or page: . All information should be shared, including a description of the medical emergency, substances believed to be ingested, whether or not the individual responds to stimuli, weapons in the areas, etc.
  2. DPS will contact an ambulance, Campus Life/Student Life on-call staff, and take other appropriate steps.

In situations where a suicide gesture or threat was made where imminent danger is unclear, including evidence of recent self-inflicted superficial scratches or cuts, and/or statements of an intention to harm oneself:

  1. Contact DPS at (202) 651-55555 (voice or text), v5444 (TTY), or page: . Describe the situation.
  2. DPS will contact the Campus Life/Clerc Center Student Life on-call staff or the Mental Health Center if during working hours.