Q. Are you open 24 hours a day/7 Days a week/ 365 days a year just like any other Public Safety Office? If so, how can I contact you to request an officer for an emergency or routine matter?

A. Yes, we are open all day, every day. You can contact us by emailing us at dps@gallaudet.edu or calling (202) 651-5555 for emergencies and routine matters. Emails are received and responded to immediately. You can also walk in to our lobby. We are located on the ground floor of Carlin Residence Hall located just across the street from the baseball field.

Q. What type of authority do the special police officers of the Department of Public Safety have on campus?

A. The special police officers are sworn officers that have full jurisdiction on the campus of Gallaudet University. While a majority of their duties involve serving and assisting the community, they can investigate crimes, use force if necessary, and make arrests.

Q. Do the DPS officers need to know American Sign Language before being hired?

A. While we do have several officers that are Deaf and are native signers, we have many hearing officers that learned ASL while on the job. We do not require ASL skills prior to hiring. During the hiring process, we look for officers that are willing to learn a new language and culture and, if hired, we require them to take and pass ASL courses provided by the university. We always ask the community to participate in our officer training and learning of a new language by engaging our officers in conversation to enhance their skills.

Q. What is "Persona-Non-Grata" (PNG) and how does Gallaudet University have the right to bar someone from campus?

A. Person Non-Grata is one type of enforcement that the university uses to protect the students, staff, and faculty from persons who were identified by DPS as someone who did not adhere to university policy or D.C. Criminal Code. Most times a person is put on PNG for one year before they can appeal to be removed from the list. Because we are a private university, we can exercise the PNG process for non-students as a protective measure for our community even without any DC criminal procedure or university administrative process.

Q. How can I appeal my PNG?

A. Please send a detailed email the Director of Public Safety requesting a lifting of your PNG. Please include as much information about the initial incident and contact information.

Q. I received a Parking Ticket while parked on campus. How can I appeal it?

A. Please direct all appeals to the DPS Parking and ID desk. Please allow two weeks for a response to your appeal.

Q. I was sexually assaulted. How can I report this?

A. First and foremost, if you need medical attention, please contact DPS at dps@gallaudet.edu or (202) 651-5445 or D.C. Fire and EMS Department by contacting 911 to be transported to a hospital. You can report any sexual misconduct to the Department of Public Safety and we will investigate your complaint if you wish and we also take anonymous complaints. DPS will help facilitate any criminal or administrative process that the victim wishes and cooperate with outside law enforcement or on-campus administrative procedure.