Booting, Towing, & Revocation of Parking Privileges

Following two reminders regarding an unpaid ticket, if payment is not received, student fines are transferred to Student Financial Services and recorded as a debt to the University, and the vehicle is subject to booting. Following two reminders, vehicles belonging to others are also subject to booting. To remove a boot, there is an $80 fee plus the payment of the unpaid violation(s). Individuals who continue to violate parking and traffic regulations are subject to having their vehicle booted.

If the owner of a vehicle that has been booted for seven calendar days has not made arrangements for the boot to be removed, the vehicle will be towed to an off-campus facility. Vehicles will be removed from University property, without notice, if the vehicle appears to be abandoned or if the owner does not respond to notification to move the vehicle.

The University reserves the right to revoke parking privileges temporarily or permanently if parking and traffic regulations are repeatedly ignored, or if other persons or the operations or resources of the University are placed at risk by the actions of the owner or operator.