Inoperable Vehicles, Traffic Accidents, and Vehicle Maintenance

Inoperable Vehicles

If a vehicle cannot be operated safely or at all, the Department of Public Safety should be notified. Notes left on a vehicle or flashing lights are not considered notification. Inoperable vehicles may not be kept indefinitely in parking areas, with or without a parking permit. The Department of Public Safety must be informed of the nature of the repair problem and of the efforts being made to move the vehicle. The Department of Public Safety will determine a reasonable length of time for repair or removal. Any vehicle left beyond that time will be subject to booting or towing at the owner's expense. If DPS is not informed about an inoperable vehicle, the vehicle may be booted or towed at the owner's expense.

Traffic Accidents

All traffic accidents occurring on Gallaudet's property or involving a Gallaudet vehicle must be reported to the Department of Public Safety immediately. Any person operating a vehicle that is involved in an accident must stop and cooperate in providing appropriate information.

Vehicle Maintenance

Except for minor repairs needed to make a vehicle operable, all other vehicle maintenance (including oil changes) is not prohibited on campus.