Parking at the Kellogg Hotel

Overnight guests of the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University are REQUIRED to inform the front desk if they have a vehicle and pay the current parking fee. You must, display a valid parking permit in order to park on campus, or you will receive a ticket or your vehicle may be towed. If you have not received a parking permit, you may pick one up at the registration desk at the hotel.

As a guest of the Kellogg Conference Hotel, you are required to park in the three-story garage located near the Conference Center. Additional space is located directly across 6th Street in an over-flow lot.

It is your responsibility to abide by all traffic and parking regulations. If you have a question about parking or traffic regulations, please stop by the Department of Public Safety for a copy of the Campus Parking & Traffic Regulations handbook.

If you receive a ticket, please follow the instructions on the violation notice.

The University assumes no liability for loss of or damage to personal vehicles or to items left within them or for personal injuries that may result from the use of a vehicle on campus