Violations and Fines

Exceeding the speed limit
35 MPH or more $100
28 - 34 MPH $50
22 - 27 MPH $25
16 - 21 MPH $20
Reckless operation of a motor vehicle $100
Obstructing or parking in a handicapped space $100
Subsequent violation $200
Parking or standing in a fire lane (red curb) $100
Obstructing a fire escape or exit $100
Parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant $100
Blocking a wheelchair lane $100
Fraudulent registration information $100
Failure to stop for a DPS officer $100
Driving without a valid permit $50
Passing a stop sign $50
Failure to report an accident $50
Blocking a trash or recycling depository $50
Impeding traffic $50
Parking in an unauthorized zone $50
Parking in a loading zone $25
Parking within 25 feet of a STOP sign $25
Driving the wrong way on a one-way street $20
Driving on areas other than a road or parking lot $20
Failure to obtain a parking permit $20
Failure to maintain state registration $20
Failure to properly display a parking permit $20
Parking with the left wheel to the curb $10
Parking in restricted or reserved spaces $10
Parking over the lines $10
Replacing a parking permit (except a documented stolen permit) $10
All other parking and moving violations not specified here $10