Zone Parking Locations

Faculty/Staff Zones

Fowler Hall
Elstad Auditorium Front
Elstad Auditorium Side
College Hall
Washburn Arts Center (WAC)
Hall Memorial Building (HMB)
Hanson Plaza West (HPW)
Ballard North
Field House Gravel Lot at tennis courts
Field House Lower Level
MSSD Middle and Upper Level
Telegraph Hill Road
KDES Upper Level
KDES at Playground

Student Zones

Hanson Plaza East (HPE)
Field House Upper Level
MSSD Lower Level
KDES Upper Level
KDES Rear Parking
KDES Apartment residents have reserved parking; a special permit is issued, in addition to the parking permit that identifies them as students.

Visitor Parking
6th Street Garage
Overflow Parking (when available)

Faculty, staff, and students may park at 6th Street Garage or Overflow Parking.
Permits required at all times in 6th Street Garage and Overflow Parking unless announced otherwise by DPS.