MPD Contact Information and Special Liaison Unit & Listserv Group

Metropolitan Police Department

911 - Emergency (TTY & Voice)
311 - Mayor's City Wide Call Center (TTY & Voice)

Metropolitan Police Department Deaf/Hard of Hearing Liaison

202-698-0289 (Voice)
202-727-5437 (TTY)
Metropolitan Police Department Deaf/Hard of Hearing Liaison

Fifth District 1805 Bladensburg Road NE

202-727-5437 (TTY)

First District 415 Fourth Street SW

202-863-4032 (TTY)

Expansion of the Special Liaison Unit and new Listserv Group

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is pleased to announce the expansion of the Special Liaison Unit to better serve the needs of the community. The Special Liaison Unit supports community policing with communities that are sometimes underserved, and is composed of the following:

  • Asian Liaison Unit
    (202) 724-8009
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison Unit
    (202) 698-0289 or (202) 727-5437 (TTY)
  • Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit
    (202) 727-5427
  • Latino Liaison Unit
    (202) 673-4445

The Special Liaison Unit is expanding to include "affiliate" officers on patrol throughout the city. The affiliate officers have volunteered to receive specialized training on diverse communities, their issues, and how to best serve them. They will continue to work in their home district but will receive coordinated support, information, and trainings through the liaison units.

This expansion will enable MPD to:

  • Enhance response to these communities throughout the city, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Provide consistent information to these communities while ensuring that information about their needs is integrated into services in each patrol district.
  • Reinforce the messages of progressive training, policies, and procedures department-wide.

Special Liaison Unit Metropolitan Police Department
801 Shepherd Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C 20010

Edward Delgado, Captain Contacting a liaison unit or affiliate officer In case of emergency, or for immediate police response, always call 911. Once police are on the scene, a request can be made to contact an on-duty affiliate or Liaison officer. For other police services, such as to request that an affiliate or Liaison officer attend a meeting or discuss other non-emergency issues, please contact the liaison offices. These offices are not staffed 24-hours a day, but all calls will be returned within one business day.

Special Liaison Unit's Listserv with YahooGroups:

  • Crime tips
  • Community discussions
  • Crime summaries

Items of interest to your community The Special Liaison Unit community listserv was developed to communicate with residents of Washington, D.C. on issues that affect the Asian, Latino, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

If you would like to be become a member of this Listserv, there are two simple steps to follow:

  1. Send a blank email message to the following email account:
  2. A message will be sent to your email account from Yahoo Groups asking you to confirm your membership.
  3. Once you send confirmation, you are ready to get started.

Once you have joined, in order to send a message to the group, address the message to: