The Mission of the Registrar's Office is to foster student academic progress by ensuring the proper maintenance of academic records from the first contact with student to graduation from the University. The Registrar's Office also facilitates the academic processes for all academic departments and Administration in the academic needs of the University.


The Goals of the Registrar's Office are to:

  1. Maintain and preserve all university student academic records.
  2. Maintain and update current and continuing student records with all aspects toward degree completion and award.
  3. Maintains liaison with other units/departments within the University.
  4. Advises the Provost on all matters relating to the operation and concerns of the Registrar's Office.
  5. Interprets and clarifies FERPA and university academic policies.
  6. Supports and serves all current and former students with integrity and equity using all university policies and relative laws.
  7. Provide all appropriate course scheduling information and actions needed for class scheduling/schedule changes related to course registration for all offered by Gallaudet and within the Consortium programs.
  8. Schedules classes, reserves rooms, and schedules all final exams.
  9. Coordinate the evaluation and recording of all transfer course credit for transfer students and continuing/readmit students, course substitutions, and course waivers.
  10. Coordinate the evaluation and recording of all advanced placement courses for transfer and freshman students.
  11. Work with academic departments and faculty senate to develop course equivalency documents and articulate agreements with Gallaudet University Regional Center partners, community colleges and other colleges and universities nationwide.
  12. Maintains liaison with Consortium member institutions, Coordinators and Registrars.
  13. Process readmission and second-degree applications for undergraduate career baccalaureate degree seeking students.
  14. Issue enrollment verifications, enrollment certifications, and transcripts.
  15. Participate as an active member in the Integrated Student Information Systems.
  16. Consults with the 'key' campus departments/units to prepare, implement, and distribute the Academic Calendar
  17. Work collaboratively with other units to determine the academic status of students and assist in resolving complex student issues.
  18. Work with academic advisors and faculty to provide related early alert information about students so that early responses can be provided to increase the likelihood of student retention and student success.
  19. Processes appropriate campus wide requests for student information.

Overview Registrar's Office Functions:

The Registrar's Office operates on many levels simultaneously and always strives to work with the University Administration to provide all services required for the overall academic integrity, noble endeavors/ challenges and rigors of the University and the varied functions listed summarily below:

  • Student Records
  • Course registration
    • On Campus
    • Extension - Off Campus
    • Online
    • Consortia Program - Off Campus & Online
  • Consortium cross registration processing
  • Classroom and room reservations under the Registrar's Office oversight
  • Transfer credit processing
  • Articulation agreements
  • UG Readmissions/2nd Degree Applications
  • Certifications
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Academic Calendar
  • IT Users Group/Registrar's Functions
  • Information/Clarifications
  • Uphold student equity and campus diversity values