Foreign countries may require documents to be certified in order to be accepted in the foreign jurisdiction. An "Authentication" and "Apostille" certifies the signature and the position of the official who has executed, issued or certified a copy of a document. Please check with the country in which you will be working or studying to find out if they will require an Apostille or Authentication.

The sole function of an apostille or authentication is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document, the capacity in which the person signing the document acted, and the identity of any stamp or seal affixed to the document.

The educational documents usually requested for certification are the diploma, official transcript, and/or enrollment/graduation verification letter.

Certification should only be done if the organization receiving the document requires you to provide an apostille or authentication.

The Gallaudet University Registrar can provide the following official documents available for the apostille process: transcripts, enrollment/degree certification, and replacement diplomas. If you require any of these documents, please note details for your apostille on your signed documents request (transcripts and replacement diplomas require proper request with payment) and submit it to the attention of the University Registrar. Please note: Gallaudet Staff cannot advise requestors on the international apostille process, nor can staff perform steps in the apostille process beyond production and notarization* (campus affixing of signatures and university seal of the above documents in the presence of notary public).

The links below detail the process for obtaining an Apostille or authentication. Please note that the Gallaudet University, Registrar's Office can facilitate Gallaudet document and document copy notarization only. Subsequent steps require action with other agencies, as required. This information is provided solely as a guide to help you through this process. Since different countries require different forms of certification, it is ultimately your responsibility to determine what additional action, beyond the first step, is required for the specific country you are dealing with.

Apostille Authentication Process Links:

Department of State Office of Authentications
Office of the DC Secretary: Notary Commissions and Authentications Section

Regarding Document Copies: The Office of the Registrar will certify your document copy as an official record or true copy of the original before a campus notary public. The notarized document will be available for you to pick up within 5-10 business days or may be mailed at your signed request via registered Federal Express with your payment for sending your package within the USA. Please be sure to include the following in your request:

A copy of your document: You are responsible for providing the appropriate document(s) to be notarized (e.g., diploma, transcript, etc.). If you need to have a document generated, please use Registrar's Office link for information and appropriate process links. Please send these documents by registered mail or international courier (possibly insured).
Appropriate number of copies: Be sure to include the appropriate number of copies of all documents that should be notarized (e.g., if you need two copies of your transcript notarized, you must provide us with two copies of your transcript in your request).
Contact information: Please let us know how to contact you when your document is ready for pick-up. If you are out of the country - you must include all prepaid registered mail fees and addresses as follows:
You must also include Federal Express payment of $25.00 to send your package to the office you list in your signed letter of request. DO NOT SEND ANY INFORMATION BY EMAIL. There are risks in sending personal information by email.

CC Payment:
Payee CC/Debit Account Name___________________________
CC Account #
CCV Code ____________ CC Expiration Date _____ / _____
Your signature:

Bank Cashier's Check: Must be secured from a national recognized bank readily accepted by USA banks. The cashier's check should be made payable to Gallaudet University.

If that office requires a payment for returning the documents to any destination required - you must include that. Gallaudet will not make sure you have all requirements for the process. Gallaudet will only work with copies to be notarized and original requests for official Gallaudet documents.
Send all documents and a signed request for your Gallaudet University documents to be notarized to:

Registrar's Office
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002


Gallaudet University Document Requests: Timelines may be critical to your apostille process - therefore, please allow 5-10 business days for processing transcripts and certification requests once received by the Registrar's Office, and up to 3+ months for replacement diplomas. Requirements and restrictions may apply with any transcript or diploma replacement request under Gallaudet processing policies (contact the Registrar's Office for the complete guide and request form).

Notary Public notarization - may be only possible with a Notary Public on campus. Notarized documents bear the notary public official's name, title, signature and seal directly on the document. Original diplomas should not have these affixed - diploma copies may be therefore warranted for non-USA use only.

Federal Express requires a telephone number as well as a mailing address - be sure to include that information if you request GU Registrar to forward your notarized document(s) for you. Gallaudet does not provide further involvement in the process.