Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area Exclusions to Course Access April, 2002

Attention Visiting Students: Visiting Students must comply with enrollment restrictions, and obtain written program permission where required (instructor permission, if so noted); students will not be enrolled without obtaining required written permission.

School: Exclusions:
All Consortium Schools In all cases, registration is limited to courses with space available and students properly enrolled through both home and visited institution.
Individualized courses are excluded such as the following:
independent study, directed readings, tutorials, private music instruction, internship, practicum, cooperative education, student teaching. Also excluded: study abroad courses; any course for audit; any course so designated in the school's Schedule of Classes.
American University Independent Study, Internship and Cooperative Education classes (course numbers end in 90, 91 or 92); Specialized weekend and off campus courses (section numbers ending with the letters "W," or "U;" Study Abroad (sections ending with "S" and "T;" and specialized abroad institutes offered in the summer. Access to non-credit portion of combined credit/non-credit classes prohibited. Marymount
University students may not access courses in the graduate Business School (IBUS, ACCT, FIN, MGMT or MKTG 500 and higher). For registration in Communications and Graduate Business classes, a student must contact an academic counselor.
Catholic University All LAW courses; all Canon Law courses; all Metro courses; All off campus classes: (CPOL, CMGT, CLSC); All University Honors courses; all Individual Music Lesson courses. Various ARCH classes; Various Biomedical Engineering (BE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Gallaudet University Specific course exclusions are noted in the Schedule of Classes.
George Mason University Study Abroad, contract courses, MBA 600-level, restricted classes require permission of instructor and prerequisites must be met. Courses that do not apply to the student's degree. School of Law classes.
George Washington University Off-campus, Canon Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Physical Education, and Theology courses. Other courses restricted as noted in the Schedule of Classes.
Georgetown University Continuing Ed (CNED); English as a Foreign Language (ENFL);
International Executive MBA (EMBA); Leisure & Recreation (LRED);
Liberal Studies (LSHS & LSHV); National Security Studies (NSST); Study Abroad courses; Tutorials or any other special course of private instruction; all non-credit courses; all courses with a higher than standard graduate or undergraduate tuition rate for the given semester; any course at all for Audit.

Written enrollment permission from the course program required:
Public Policy (PPOL), International Affairs (INAF), Nursing
(undergraduate & graduate level courses: NURS, HEST, & HESY); Business, (undergraduate & graduate level courses: ACCT, DSCI, FINC, MGMT, MKTG).

Consortium enrollment in any course is on a space-available basis. See up-to-date course listings, restrictions, seat availability, etc. in the Georgetown University Schedule of Classes at:
Howard University Courses in Law, Medical and Dental Schools.
Joint Military Intelligence College Does not offer Cross-Registration at this time.
Marymount University Courses in Nursing and Physical Therapy.
National Defense University Does not offer Cross-Registration at this time.
Trinity College Off-campus courses.
University of the District of Columbia No exclusions.
University of Maryland, College Park Instructional Television courses, professional education courses, Continuing Education courses. Prior approval required for courses restricted to special College Park majors and permission only courses.
Off-campus courses (i.e. Baltimore County, Shady Grove, & DC). Students are eligible to register for all numeric course sections beginning 0-7. (There are exclusions such as sections 8108 and
SG01, etc. Please call the school for further clarification.)