Gallaudet University follows the requirements of the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) regarding student records. Under this act, all official student records are considered confidential. The act applies to records of anyone who is enrolled as a student or has in the past been enrolled as a student of Gallaudet University or Gallaudet College.

All University officers and personnel must observe the following policies:

  1. Students have the right to inspect their own official records. Corrections or challenges to records may be presented by the student in writing to the office maintaining the record. Each office responsible for an official student record must have a policy for how and when students may read, copy, and if necessary, challenge information in the record.
  2. Gallaudet University personnel who need particular information in order to perform their assigned duties may have access to these records.
  3. Disclosure of information contained in official student records to other persons or agency is prohibited, with the following exceptions.

3.1. Information from a student's record will be released upon written request of the student.

3.2. Directory information (name, home address, local address, class, year, major, verification of enrollment) may be released to anyone upon request. Students who do not wish this information be made available, may request in writing to have their names removed from the directory. Such requests should be made through the Registrar's Office.

3.3. The University must release official records upon subpoena or court order. The University will attempt to notify the student that the records are being released.

3.4. Auditors inspecting the operations of Gallaudet University offices may inspect student records.

3.5. Information from student records may be release to parents who financially support a student (under IRS regulations).

3.6. Information from student records may be released to individuals or organizations providing financial aid for a student, or evaluating a student's eligibility for financial aid.

Student FERPA Guide (pdf file)