Returning: Academically Suspended (AS) or Academically Dismissed (AD)

All students who leave the university on academic probation or suspension or with disciplinary concerns must apply for readmission. Their cases will be taken before the Faculty-Student Affairs Committee to determine their eligibility to return to Gallaudet University.

It is strongly recommended that students on academic suspension take a full-time academic load (12 hours or more) at another institution and achieve a 2.5 or above GPA on those hours. Failure to take classes away from Gallaudet University may result in being denied readmission when you reapply.

Before beginning the application process, take a look at the information below as a guide to preparing and completing your readmission undergraduate application.

Feel free to contact the readmission specialist if you have any questions!

Before You Apply:
  • All debts cleared before deadlines
When You Apply:
  • Submit the Undergraduate Readmission Application Online (Academically Suspended or Academically Dismissed)
  • Pay the non-refundable $50 application fee
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, advisors, employers, or community leaders. Letters will not be accepted from family members or friends
  • Official college transcripts from all schools attended since leaving Gallaudet University
  • A statement clarifying your academic history and explaining your purpose for readmission. The statement must be specific and should include the following:
    1. The reason you wish to return to Gallaudet University;
    2. What you've done while you've been away from Gallaudet University (attended another university, worked full time, etc);
    3. An explanation of how you plan to achieve academic success if readmitted to Gallaudet University;
    4. If applicable, the circumstances that led to your poor performance in the semester(s) you attended Gallaudet University (grades of "D" or "F" in all courses).
  • The Faculty-Student Affairs Committee will consider your statement in making their decision about your eligibility to return to Gallaudet University. Failure to include a full explanation of any of the items listed above may affect the outcome of the committee's decision.
  • Due to the Faculty-Student Affairs Committee meeting schedule, application deadlines will be enforced.
After You are Admitted:
  • Acceptance information
  • Registered for classes
  • Academic Calendar
  • Set up your BISON account
  • Check with your Academic Advisor to make sure your classes are registered