Pre-registration - At the end of each semester, continuing students have the opportunity to pre-register for courses for the following semester. Priority is normally given to students who have higher class status.

Business registration - At the beginning of each semester, all students must complete business registration. Once business registration is completed, a student is officially enrolled.

Schedules, and course catalogs are available online.

  • Schedule of Classes
  • Undergraduate Catalog
  • Graduate Catalog

How to register:

Review the relevant course catalogs.

  • Undergraduate students should review the Undergraduate Catalog to become acquainted with general studies requirements and/or requirements for the major you're interested in. It is important to note any prerequisites for courses you are interested in.
  • Graduate students should review the Graduate Catalog for requirements for their discipline.
  • There is often a pre-designed sequence of how courses should be taken and/or permission of the instructor or department.

Obtain a copy of the appropriate Schedule of Classes and review what courses are being offered.

Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss and complete your course selection. Be sure to:

  • Include the complete course number and section number, where available.
  • Note the specific credit hour for courses with variable credits. If no specification is made, only one credit hour will be assigned.
  • Get your advisor's signature.

Students interested in registering for Consortium classes, must also complete the Cross Registration form. Click here for more information about the Consortium program.

Attend pre-registration.

If upon registration, the course you are interested in is full, you may discuss with the chairperson of that department if you can get special permission to sign up for this class.

Undergraduate students will not be permitted to sign up for more than 19 credit hours per semester without prior approval and signature of the dean.