Room reservations can be made for any special events such as workshops, presentations, performances, study tables, etc. Please reserve a room 48 hours prior to your event date within business days.

For outside organizations to reserve a room on Gallaudet campus, please contact Davina Kwong Yu, Director, Campus Business Development at or 202-759-5686.

Do you need tables and chairs for your event? The Distribution Center must be notified with three days notice in advance. Please contact the Distribution Center at

If there are problems with regular lighting, boards, temperature, tables, desks, or chairs (broken or need to replace). Please report to Facilities Department and Registrar's Office at and

Do you need technology set up or assistance? Please submit a Help Desk request at

If you are a faculty, you wish to have a preferred classroom for your classes, please contact Ericka Brown at

Each semester hours varies. 

Library Hours 

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