The University reserves the right to evaluate all transfer credits in term of its own institutional standards and requirements. Appeals of specific incoming transfer credits may be made to the Transfer Credit Specialist. If the student disagrees with the results from the re-evaluation, the student can continue the process independently by meeting with the department chair to justify a change in the application of transfer credits.

  • The appeal process for transfer evaluations goes through the Transfer Specialist. If you are a new transfer student, you may meet with the Transfer Specialist during New Student Orientation for any problems or questions.
  • Unless you plan to see the department chairperson yourself, the Transfer Specialist will send all supporting documents for the appeal to the chair.
  • If any changes are made on the evaluation, you and the department chair must notify the Transfer Credit Specialist of the changes.
  • All hard-copy documents and completed paperwork for transfer credits are filed in your student file in the Registrar's Office.