Who is on IZN Lab

Upper-left: Dr. Charles Reilly, Co-chair; Upper-center: Dr. Caroline Solomon, Co-chair; Upper-right: William Hughes, Co-chair; Lower-left: Gregoire Youbara, Co-chair; Lower-center: Arlinda Boland, IZN Coordinator; Lower-right: Dr. Robin Helms

 Working Groups

#1 Articulated Institutional Commitment:Co-heads: Sue Jacoby and Khadijat Rashid; Members: Heather Harker, Gaurav Mathur, Dwight Benedict, Elizabeth Stone, Paul Julin, Maribel Garate, Kota Takayama, Charles Reilly, and William Hughes; Support Staff: Patricia Suarez; #2 Administrative Leadership, Structure, and Staffing: Co-heads: Paige Franklin and Reed Gershwind; Members:Cindy Officer, Mary Keane, Tania Thomas-Presswood, Katie Spiegel, Heather Harker, and Clayton Grossinger; #3 Curriculum, Co-curriculum, and Learning Outcomes: Co-heads: Caroline Solomon and Travis Imel; Members: Deborah McCaw (IEC), Simon Guteng (CUE), Susanna Henderson, Tugba Kukkal, and Roberto Gamarra; Support Staff: Michael Catron; #4 Faculty Policies and Practices: Co-heads: Amanda Holzrichter and Caroline Pezzarossi; Members: Catherine O'Brien, William Ennis, Barbara Gerner de Garcia, Lori Whynot, Christi Batamula, Kim Pudans-Smith; Support Staff: RIta Jenoure.

#5 International Student Recruiting Strategy; #6 International Student Support & Inclusion; #7 Education & Research Abroad; #8 International Collaboration: Academic; International Collaboration: Capacity-Building