Deaf Organizations in Bolivia
Deaf Schools in Bolivia

Deaf Organizations in Bolivia

Asociación De Sordos Del BENI
Jesús Elio Coca Salvatierra, Presidente
Phone: 3-4628862
Description: Association of Deaf People in Beni State
[info confirmed w/third party]

Creadi - Anet
Roxana Aguilera, Directora Del Proyecto
Phone: 4-6631737
Description: Center for the Deaf in Tarija State.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Esc. Julia Jiménez de Gutiérrez
Hna. Elva Maciel, Directora
Phone: 3-3529570
Description: Rehabilitation & Training Centre in Santa Cruz State.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Federación Boliviana de Sordos
Anibal Subirana, President
Calle Nueva Granada 1746
esq. F. Pizarro, Zona Villa Ingai
Voice/Fax: +387 33 225 763
[info confirmed w/third party]

Andrea Villar Martinez, Administradora Programa "Oye Bolivia"
Phone: 3-4628042
Description: Charity for Ear and Hearing Care & other services.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Sense International (Latin America)
Calle Chardin No. 132
Oficina 201, San Borja
Lima 041
Phone: +511 7195798
Tel/Fax: +511 7195799
Description: Sense International works with deafblind people in developing countries so they can communicate, connect, interact, and flourish. Its Latin America branch works in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru.

Deaf Schools in Bolivia

Arca Maranata
Andrés Kolb, Director
Phone: 3-8523091
Description: School of the Deaf in Riberalta, Beni State.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Audiologico "Cochabamba"
Beatriz de Lujan Administradora del Centro
Phone: 4-4259577
Description: School for the Deaf in Cochabamba.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Unidad Educativa IDEPPSO
Iracema Barboza Roca, Directora
Phone: 3-4625181
Description: School for the Deaf in Trinidad, Beni State.
[info confirmed w/third party]


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