Eastern Cape, South Africa

Deaf Organizations in Eastern Cape, South Africa
Deaf Religious Organizations in Eastern Cape, South Africa
Deaf Schools in Eastern Cape, South Africa


Deaf Organizations in Eastern Cape, South Africa

DEAFSA Eastern Cape
Luleka Braweni, Social Worker
Cecelia Makiwane Hospital Grounds, Mdantsane, 5219
PO Box 760, East London, 5200

Phone/Fax: 043 761 4636
[info confirmed w/third party]

One Deaf Club
TM Tshangela (contact person)
P O Box 177, Umtata, 5100
Phone: 047 536 0527/8
Fax: 047 536 0525

[info confirmed w/third party]

Port Elizabeth Deaf Association
Ms B Banga, Social worker
59 Pearson Street, Central, PE, 6001
PO Box 12944, Centra Hill, PE, 6006

Phone: 041 586 1189
Fax: 041 585 1273

[info confirmed w/third party]


Deaf Religious Organizations in Eastern Cape, South Africa

East London SL Group of Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall: Cnr Garcia St and Croydon Rd, Cambridge, East London
Postal: c/o 19 Sable Place, Beacon Bay,
East London, 5241
Phone: 043 722 9286
Phone: 082 579 5055
(reaches Ron Dell)
[info confirmed w/third party]

Gemeentes Van Christus
Pas. CJ Schafer (contact person)
Vanderstel Straat 139
Kabegapark, Port Elizabeth, 6025
Posbus 355, Hunters Retreat, 6017

Phone: 084 501 3001 (reaches Pas. CJ Schafer)
Phone/Fax: 041 360 9669
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Schools in Eastern Cape, South Africa

Efata School For The Blind And Deaf
Mrs. Rasmen, Principal
Queenstown Road, Umtata, 5100
PO Box 177, Umtata, 5100

Phone: 047 536 0527/8/9
Fax: 047 536 0525

[info confirmed w/third party]

Greenwood Primary School
Mr P Shelver, Principal
Park Drive, Port Elizabeth, 6001
South Africa

Phone: 041 585 4142
Fax: 041 585 1066
Description: Established in 1991. Offers education via English and Afrikaans for cultural groups from pre-primary (from age 3) to Grade 7.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Reuben Birin School for the Hearing Impaired
Mr Engelbrecht, Principal
cnr Uitenhage & Bethelsdorp Roads, Missionvale, Port Elizabeth
PO Box 11189, Algoa Park, 6005
Phone: 041 452 4229
Phone: 082 976 7469
(reaches Mr. Engelbrecht)
Fax: 041 456 3442
Description: Established in 1971 by the Port Elizabeth Deaf Association. Classes are held in South African Sign Language (SASL) and English. Teaches primary school up to grade 8.
[info confirmed w/third party]

St. Thomas School for the Deaf
Mrs PN Maku, Principal
PO Box 275, King Williams Town, 5600
Phone: 043 683 1214
Fax: 043 683 1741
[info confirmed w/third party]

Sive Special School For The Deaf
Mrs P Jona, Principal
Ms Gretta Mazwi, Founder
PO Box 74, Cedarville, 4720

Phone: 082 783 2894
SMS/Text Msg only: 076 777 2909
[info confirmed w/third party]


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