Deaf Organizations in Uruguay
Deaf Schools in Uruguay
Deaf Websites in Uruguay

Deaf Organizations in Uruguay

Asociación de Intérpretes de Lengua de Señas Uruguaya
The Association of Uruguayan Sign Language Interpreters
Sara Casal, President
Phone: +598 2 099 613 684
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Asociación de Padres y Amigos de Sordos del Uruguay (APASU)
The Uruguayan Association of Parents and Friends of the Deaf
Jorge Eduardo Touron Eyherachar
Dr. Hermogenes Alvarez, 3348ª
Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel.  +598 2 200 01 32  +598 2 200 01 32
Description: Its misión is : "To collaborate and elevate the quality of life of deaf persons and their families." Misión: "Colaborar en elevar la calidad de vida de las personas sordas y sus familias."
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Asociación de Sordos del Uruguay (ASUR)
The Uruguayan Association of the Deaf
Gustavo Vargas, President
Gil 945
Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone:  +598 2 308 32 12  +598 2 308 32 12
[info confirmed w/third party]

Asociación de Sordo Ciegos del Uruguay (ASCUY)
The Uruguayan Association of the Deaf-Blind
Pernas 2720 bis apto. 001
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Centro de Invesitgación y Desarrollo para la Persona Sorda (Cinde)
Center of Research and Development for the Deaf
La Escuela de Lengua de Señas Uruguaya y de Formación de Intérpretes y Profesores de LSU
The School of Uruguayan Sign Language, Interpreter Training, and LSU Professor Training
Gil 945
Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone:  +598 2 309 92 28  +598 2 309 92 28
pastorvillamil@hotmail.com (Reaches Isabel Pastor)
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Organización Deportiva de Sordos del Uruguay (ODSU)
The Deaf Sports Organization of Uruguay
Canelones 982 esq. Wilson Ferreira Alduante
Montevideo, Uruguay

Fax: +598 2 9006462
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Deaf Schools in Uruguay

Escuela de Discapacidados Auditivos N 197
Mariano Moreno 2697
Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone: +598 2 480 3610
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Liceo 32 "Guayabo"
Carlos Roxlo 1611
Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone:  +598 2 401 04 88  +598 2 401 04 88
Fax: +598 2 400 84 68

Description: Secondary school, middle school. Deaf students and hearing students have separate classes in the same school.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Liceo 35, IAVA: Instituto A. Vázquez Acevedo
Eduardo Acevedo 1419
Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel:  +598 2 400 92 46  +598 2 400 92 46
Fax: +598 2 408 58 19

Description: Secondary school/high school. Deaf students are mainstreamed with interpreters in hearing classes.
[info confirmed w/third party]

Deaf Websites in Uruguay

El Portado de Uruguayos de Sordos (Portal for Deaf people in Uruguay)
Description: This website offers links to information, news, and opportunities for training and friendship for deaf and deafblind people in Uruguay. The site is in Spanish.


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