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Reshaping Our Vision: Inaugural Research Expo to be held March 24, 2016

March 21, 2016


On Thursday, March 26, Gallaudet University will host its inaugural Research Expo, an event that looks to recognize efforts and accomplishments in research by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff members. The event is free and open to the public.

The Expo, with its theme “Reshaping Our Vision,” will promote active dialogue about and recognize the indisputable role that research plays in the University and the deaf community. The Expo, scheduled from 9:15 a.m. to 3 p.m., will include a panel discussion featuring prominent faculty members, a series of student presentations, a poster session presented by students and faculty, and two afternoon sessions: “Let’s Talk: Communicating with External Funding Program Officers” and “Responsible Conduct of Research.”

At Elstad Auditorium, President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano will provide welcoming remarks, followed by Provost Carol Erting, who will speak on research goals and strategies. Dr. Marlon Kuntze, associate professor with the Department of Government and Public Administration, will facilitate the panel discussion, “The Research Lens: Deaf Lives,” from 10-11:30 a.m. The panelists include: 

·       Dr. Terra Edwards, Linguistics
·       Dr. Karen Garrido Nag, Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences
·       Dr. Brian Greenwald, History, and Center on Deaf Life & Documentary Studies
·       Dr. Clifton Langdon, Brain & Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging
·       Dr. Carolyn McCaskill, ASL and Deaf Studies
·       Dr. Brenda Nicodemus, Interpretation and Translation Research Center  
·       Dr. Laura-Ann Pettito, Brain & Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging, Visual Language and Visual Learning Center
·       Dr. Paul Sablia, Science, Technology, and Mathematics
·       Dr. Christian Vogler, Technology Access Program

Following the panel discussion, four-minute scientific presentations will be given at the Elstad Auditorium from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The line-up is as follows:

·       Zachary Abbott, Honors Undergraduate Student, Department of Psychology: Cochlear Implants and Related Neurotechnologies: Japanese Neuroethics
·       Katherine Ardizzone, Graduate Student , Department of Interpreting: The Effects of Left Handed Interpreters on Deaf Consumers
·       Andrew Biskupiak, Undergraduate Student, Honors Program: An Oral History of Homophobic Bullying in Deaf Schools and Public Schools: The Experiences of Deaf Lesbian and Deaf Gay Persons
·       Jesus Candelaria, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Mental Processes of Trilingual Interpreters in Healthcare Settings
·       Shannon Davies, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Educational Interpreters Working With Linguistically Diverse Deaf Students
·       Paige Foreman, Honors Undergraduate Student, Department of English: Deaf Philosophy of Music
·       Cat H.M. Fung, Visiting Graduate Student (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Linguistics: Simultaneous Interpretation from Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) to Cantonese
·       Mark Halley, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: “This is the sign for…” Interpreting Metalinguistic References in Discourse
·       Rebekah Knodel, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Coping Mechanisms for Mental Health Interpreters
·       Maggie Kopp, Undergraduate Student: The Gallaudet Eleven: Surviving Space: Deaf Contributions
·       Alix Kraminitz, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Interpreting for Deaf Academics: Perceptions of Credibility
·       Sarah Lutvak, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: An Analysis of ASL/English Interpreters’ English Proficiency
·       Mary Beth Morgan, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Educational Interpreting: Working with Deaf Children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder
·       Jeni Rodriques, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Cognitive Function during ASL/English Interpreting: Reported Effects of Aging
·       Lynda Schott, Graduate Student, Department of Education: American Sign Language and English Bilingual Approach: Schools’ Definition
·       Ma Concepcion Segismundo, Graduate Student, Sciences: Enhancing Spontaneous Verbalizations in Chronic Aphasia: Transfer Package of Intensive-Language-Action-Therapy
·       Amanda Welly, Graduate Student, Department of Interpreting: Directors of Artistic Sign Language and Interpreters: A Closer Look at the Collaborative Process

The following faculty and students will be at the Living and Learning Residence Hall 6 (LLRH6) Student Meeting Area from 12:40 to 3:30 p.m. for the poster session. 

·       Brandon Call, Undergraduate Student, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: The Correlation of Zooplankton and Total Phosphorus
·       Colleen Caverly, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology: Feasibility of a Head Mount Display Technology in Parent Child Interaction Therapy: A Pilot Study
·       Dr. John Bosco Conama, Visiting Researcher/Lecturer, Department of Deaf Studies: Linguistic Imperialism and Irish Sign Language
·       Zackary Crawford, Undergraduate Student, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Adding Fuel to the Fire: Anger/Negative Emotional Impact on Cognitive Tasks
·       Dr. Cara Gormally, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: “Science isn’t My Thing:” Exploring Non-science Majors’ Science Identities
·       Amelework Habtemichael, Christopher Mbochwa, Undergraduate Students, and Dr. Gaurav Arora, Department of Chemistry and Physics, and the Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Preparation and Analysis of Molybdebum Disulfide Nanomaterials
·       Heather Hamilton, Graduate Student, Department of Linguistics: Challenges of Sign Language Annotation Using ID Glossing
·       Amberlin Hines, Undergraduate Student, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Continuous Water Quality Monitoring of the Anacostia River (2013­2014)
·       Dr. Arlene Kelly, Department of Deaf Studies: GU HERstory
·       Melissa Kokx-Ryan, Graduate Student, Ph.D. Department of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: Improved Management of Atypical Hearing Aid Patients
·       Brandt Marceaux, Mandy Houghton, Undergraduate Students, and Drs. Tito Huber, Henry D. Snyder, and Paul Sablia, Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics, Gallaudet University, and Department of Chemistry, Howard University: Exfoliation of Bismuth Telluride
·       Hilary Mayhew, Graduate Student, Public Administration: Social Issues Education Among ASL/English Interpreters
·       Christopher Mbochwa, Amelework Habtemichael, Undergraduate Students, and Dr. Paul Sablia, Department of Chemistry and Physics: Growth of Molybdenum Disulfide Films on Silicon Wafers
·       Sarah McMillen, Department of Deaf Studies: Setting a Pro-Tactile Habitus at Gallaudet
·       Jessica Murgel, Department of Deaf Studies: Spectrum of Attitudes Toward the Deaf
·       Jeronimo Ocampos, Undergraduate Student, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Using Geographic Information Systems(ArcGIS) on Lakes in North-Central Minnesota
·       Dr. Raylene Paludneviciene, Department of Psychology: Population Health Research with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults in the United States
·       Tracey Salaway, Art, Communication and Theatre Department: Will ASL be Immersed or Submersed?
·       Dr. Caroline Solomon, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Response of the Anacostia Phytoplankton Community to Different Nutrient Treatments
·       Brianna Stroud-Williams, Undergraduate Student, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Extracting a High Dimensional Single Cell Data through Flow Cytometry Analysis of Eye immune Cells with Novel Bioinformatics Tools
·       Julie Tibbitt, Graduate Student, Department of Education: Transitioning from High School to College: Deaf College Student Perceptions of Preparation
·       Giovanna Vazquez, Undergraduate Student, Department of Science, Technology & Mathematics: Comparing Anthropogenic Land Use, Its Impact on Agate Lake and Crow Wing Lake
·       Ashley Zaleski-King, Graduate Student, Department of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: Virtual Reality Assessment of Visual Dependence in Patients with Vestibular Dysfunction

Along with the poster sessions, lunch fellowship and campus unit exhibitions are scheduled.

The first afternoon session, “Let’s Talk: Communicating with External Funding Program Officers,” will be held at the LLRH6 Meeting Room from 1-2:30 p.m. Speakers include:

·       Dr. Mark Leddy, National Science Foundation,
·       Dr. Amy Sussman, US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, and
·       Dr. Kajta Zelljat, National Endowment for the Humanities.

Concluding the Expo, also at LLRH6, will be the second session, “Responsible Conduct of Research,” from 2:30-3 p.m. 

·       Dr. Gaurav Mathur, Dean, Graduate School and Continuing Education,
·       Audrey Wineglass-Foster, Director of Office of Sponsored Programs, and
·       Vicky King, Research Compliance Specialist, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance

The 2016 Gallaudet Research Expo is hosted by the Office of the Provost and organized by the Office of Research Support and International Affairs. Senda Benaissa and Dr. Evan Goodman are the principal organizers.

Contributors are the Center for Bilingual Teaching and Learning, Center for Continuing Studies, Dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies, Division of Academic Affairs, Graduate Student Association/Student Body Government, and University Communications.

To see the 2016 Research Expo program, click here.

21 March 2016


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