The Office of Residence Life and Housing, a unit of Student Affairs, has the primary responsibility for the management of facilities and programs in the five residence halls, Faculty Row houses, and Kendall Apartment complex. Our office provides quality programming, ensures the safety and security of the residents, proper referrals to available services on- and off-campus, maintains discipline in the residence halls, Faculty Row houses, and Kendall Apartments, and runs several paraprofessional programs in and out of the residence halls. Be it whether you are an incoming new, returning, transfer, readmitted student, or simply visiting, this office covers your on-campus living needs!

There are three major components of our office: HousingResidence Hall Management and Supervision, and Marketing and Assessment.


The Housing component covers anything related to the daily living in the residence hall rooms and on-campus apartments, Room Lottery, roommate changes, and most importantly, housing assignments. We believe that a housing assignment entitles the resident the opportunity to be a part of a living and learning community.

We have six University residence halls and three Faculty Row houses totaling approximately 1,000 beds. In addition to the aforementioned residential facilities, we have housing at the Kendall Apartments where apartment units are available for use by families with children. We have housing for married couples without children in our University residence halls. For both Married Housing and Kendall Apartments, at least one spouse or parent must be a matriculated student at Gallaudet University. For information on University residence halls and the Faculty Row houses, please visit here.


The Residence Hall Management and Supervision component cover the daily educational programming aspects of residence hall living and policy enforcement. There are approximately 60 residence hall staff members employed by our office ranging from Resident Assistants to Peer Advisors to Staff Residential Assistants. The Coordinators of Residence Education have total administrative responsibility of University residence halls. The Residence Hall Conduct Coordinators handle disciplinary matters in the residence halls. We work closely with the Department of Public Safety to ensure that our residents have a safe and positive living experience. Please visit Residence Hall Policies to view the Student Handbook online. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page where you will find answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

We have over 60 professional and paraprofessional staff. Our unit is the largest employer of paraprofessionals at the university. You can learn more about our team by navigating to the Residence Life and Housing Team page.

We also have a Paraprofessional Employment portal where you can learn more about the paraprofessionals we employ at our office.


The Marketing and Assessment component covers the efforts in getting the message out to the community about Residence Life and Housing and ensuring that we gather data on the residence hall living experience.

We ensure that our students who live on-campus receive the best quality of residence hall living and consider our residence halls their home away from home.

We welcome you to navigate through our website and please do not hesitate to contact our office at residence.life@gallaudet.edu or visit us at Ely Center 132.