Mission Statement

We are a dedicated team that provides a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment, making you our first priority. With unconditional positive regard, we are engaged and committed to our students, staff, faculty, and visitors by cultivating a residential experience that is intentional, exploratory, reflective, and enjoyable.


Through compassionate collaboration, everyone will have the opportunity to intentionally participate in and experience evolving, inclusive residential life while developing a sense of belonging, connecting with others, and forming lifelong friendships. Specifically, students will be actively engaged in the campus experience, striving to establish outlined goals and applying them in their journey to success.

We aim to embrace and foster vibrant cultural and bilingual residential experience for all residents with the sense of being right at home. Together, we are committed to promoting academic excellence, appreciation for diversity and inclusion, and personal growth.

Core Values

Consistency, Unconditional Positive Regard, Excellence, Self-Management, Caring and Compassion