Graduate Assistants

Each residence hall is staffed by a Graduate Assistant (GA).

The GA is a graduate student paraprofessional who lives on campus and reports directly to the CRE. Graduate Assistants assist the CRE in residence hall management and supervision, and paraprofessional development.

The GA assists with the training and supervision of paraprofessional staff and will address student concerns and developmental needs. The GA works with other members of the Office of Residence Life and Housing in order to create an environment that enhances student growth and development and the overall student experience with an added emphasis on retention of students.

Below are the Graduate Assistants for the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

Ballard West - Christopher Johnson

Benson Hall - Lisanna Grosso

Carlin Hall - Jacob Magallan

Clerc Hall - Nichelle Steffen

Living and Learning Residence Hall 6 - Paige Hawkins

Faculty Row and Peet Hall - Kirsten Fargas